03 June 2013

FOTD - The Glossy Minimalist

Lately, I've come way off from wearing a ton of makeup, because I just haven't felt it was necessary or felt the deep-seated need to play with my stash.  So I took a break from makeup, an amicable separation if you will.  And while I may have pared down what I put on my face, I haven't pared down the style in which I do so.  This look is sort of a play on that minimalism, but incorporating an eyegloss as a fun and grungy texture on the lids.


Forgive the giantness of my nose.  Even as I get smaller, it only gets egregiously bigger.

Ok, so fairly streamlined.

- Neutrogena Shine Control Powder
- MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer in NW25
- Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Tickled
- Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream in Light/ Medium
- MAC Gloss Creme
- The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 03: Medium Matte
- Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara
- Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara
- The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care (Not Pictured)


Concealer + Mascara + Eyegloss = Interesting and pretty eyemakeup.

1) Apply your base all over with a foundation brush.  You want Light coverage as this is supposed to be more about your skin looking like skin rather than makeup.

2) Apply concealer to your under-eye and eyelid area, blending down towards the cheekbone.

3) Apply cheekstain to apples of the the cheek and subtly work it back towards the hairline.

4) Contour lightly using bronzer.

5) Set face with mattifying powder.

6) Apply one coat of lengthening mascara, followed by a coat of volumizing mascara.  Repeat this cycle until a desired bulky lash look is achieved.  Also, if it's slapdash looking, the better, when you put the eyegloss on kind helps everything blend and look cool.

7) Using a synthetic bristled small, flat brush, pat the eyegloss on the lid. Using a tiiiny amount, start above the pupil and work outward, never blending the product above the crease or onto the lower lashline.  Don't blink for a few minutes while it sets up.

8) Apply lip balm, and pat the tiniest amount of foundation into it, to mute your lips.  The use of foundation will also make them appear slightly fuller.

REMEMBER: Eyegloss is meant to look grungy.  And by keeping everything else so muted, the unusual makeup accentuates your eyes without looking too overdone/ made up.


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