25 June 2013

FOTD + Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum Update

Part I 

So maybe revers-i-bangs aren't as cool as I thought.

When it's hot I don't fuss with too much overcomplicated makeup (says the girl who is wearing 3 mascaras), but I do like to look like the sun and the temperature haven't kicked my ass.  Enter in The Body Shop's All in One Face Base, when worn over the Tea Trea Pore Minimizer and the Vitamin C Moisturizer with SPF 30, this versatile powder wears like iron.  It sticks to my face, it stays on my face, blurs imperfections and can be layered for extra coverage.  Because it's a powder, as the day wears on, it doesn't slide off and keeps the mid-day greasies away.  I love it.

- The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer
- The Body Shop All-in-One Face Base - Shade 045 (great color match)
- MAC Pro-longwear concealer  - NW25 (another longwearing, non-melting summertime staple)
- NYX Matte Bronzer - Medium (A fave of mine!)
- Tarte Lip and Cheek Stain in Flushed (a great, unversally flattering shade of red)
- Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara (length, seperation, definition)
- Cover Girl Lash Blast (to hulk the lashes out)
- The Body Shop Waterproof Big & Curvy Mascara (to set the curl, and keep the lashes from smudging off your face)
- MAC Sounds Like Noise Lipstick (smooshed into the lips and blotted away for a faint orange stain)

Part II

My Lashes + Fysiko+Lash Curlers+3 Mascaras = These new lashes!
The second month of testing this serum out is coming to an end, and I have successfully managed to re-incorporate the product into my regime as the burning/ morning eye irritation has seemed to abated.  I have definitely noticed longer, more fluttery lashes, especially in the inner corners (which I manipulate to my advantage with my excessive use of mascara), but not really any thicker or darker lashes.  Later this month, I am going to attempt to tint them once the section where they were sparse grows in, and see if I can get away with less mascara with my newly darkened lashes. I have also just started using this on a section of my brows that became bald due an unfortunate waxing incident, and it has helped the area become less patchy looking, but I've only used it for a week.  Overall, I'm still satisfied with the product.  I think that it's helping my lashes grow in thicker and is supporting the natural lash growth cycle! 

Yes, somehow an entire section of my lashes are shorter than the other.  I have yet to figure out why.
 I do have one conundrum with this product - this is more of an afterthought - you're not recommended to use this product on the lower lashline, so how do you reconcile the difference in lushness between your top and bottom lashes? I'm assuming a wee bit of the product transfers from top to bottom, especially at night if you have your eyes closed.... however, it doesn't bridge the gap created by boosting only your top lashes.  In the spirit of inquiry, I used the product on my lower lashes and the irritation I had previously experienced re-appeared with a red and itchy vengeance.  So I don't recommend ignoring the usage guidelines on that.  But I'm still left a bit confused.  Oh well, I've never been one for bottom lash looks anyway.
The Fysiko Lash Growth Serum was a product provided from Influenster for me to test for 16 weeks from Fysiko, in exchange for four blog posts.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and are unique to me.

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