12 June 2013

10 Beauty Hacks to Make Your Life Simpler


Swish with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (DO NOT SWALLOW) for a minute before brushing and wake up with brighter teeth.  For an extra pearly level up, mix a tiny bit of Baking Soda with your toothpaste and brush away (this step not recommended for people with overly sensitive teeth).


Greasy hair? Soak it up with baby powder or talcum powder. The night before dust the powder onto your roots, shake through.  In the morning brush as usual, to get rid of extra powder and style.  Want extra volume? Mix cornstarch into the talc for extra boost.


Messy manicurist? Put a layer of vaseline around the edges of your nail/ cuticle, paint as usual.  When dry, wash the vaseline off.  Perfect manicure, and moisturized cuticles.


Notice bleach spots on your black shirt and you're already at work.  Sneak to the bathroom with a black sharpie and color the spots in.  Voila! Black shirt is now black again.


Out of your favorite body scrub?  Mix olive oil, honey, and equal parts sugar/ salt.  Scrub into the skin, let the olive oil linger to moisturize before rinsing/ washing off.


This is for the more brave.  Wax your own eyebrows with an at home stripless wax, for an in between waxing touch up, take a tiny bit of wax and smooth under the arch of the brow, let it harden and rip off.  When self waxing, be more conservative in the placement of the wax.  You can always take more away later, but it's a bitch to grow them back.


Favorite lipstick a little too full on for summer?  Melt a tiny bit of the lipstick in the microwave and pour liquid into a new clear lipgloss/ balm tube, mix and check color.  Keep adding melted lipstick until the desired opacity is reached.  Bam.  A perfect, portable custom liplgoss color.


Having trouble getting your cat eye flick?  Take a piece of tape and angle it from the outer corner of the eye toward the brow, draw on your cat liner, using the tape as a guide.  Peel off, for your precise wing.


The perfect mascara layering trick for bold lashes.  Curl lashes, apply one thin coat of waterproof mascara to set curl. Follow up with two coats of a volumizing mascara.  Then while the volumizing mascara is still tacky, hit the tips of the lashes with a lengthening mascara.  Concentrate more of the volumizing mascara on the outer corner, and the lengthening a bit more on the inner corners.  (Okay - so this hack doesn't make your life simpler, but trust me, it works!)


Use sunscreen now - save on anti-aging beauty products later. 

Random I know, but I use all of these on the regular.  And they are totally worth it!

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