03 February 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

The best of the whole Naked franchise, IMO.
It's February, and I want to talk about Naked things.  Anyone surprised? No.  Good.  On with the review!


- Foxy.
- It's mostly matte.
- It has a combo of yellow, pink and cool toned shades.
- Foxy.
- Venus > Virgin > Booty Call.
- Compact, intelligent, travel friendly packaging.
- Foxy.
- Limited color range - makes it easier to use this palette as a functional item.
- Did I mention... Foxy?


- Crave is a weird texture.  It's matte and pigmented and a nice deep color.  But it's sorta hard, stuck together and a bit awkward to blend.

- Faint should have been less cool toned.

Out of all of the Naked palettes, Basics is my favorite.  I sometimes find using the Naked and Naked 2 palettes a bit daunting because there SO many choices, and I am naturally drawn to certain colors.  This makes me feel like I really only utilize half the palette(s), and then I feel myself trying to find looks to use the other colors and I dislike that even more because I can't use all of the colors seamlessly in my routine.  With Basics, the only color I don't use on the regular is Crave.  Mainly because I just don't wear dark eye makeup all the time, and to be honest, I still use NYX Black all the time when I want a dark and smoky look.

I also like the price point of this palette. At $27 it's accessible, even to those on a tight budget.  It's refreshing, and for $27 you can't beat the quality of the shadows or the packaging.  Speaking of packaging.  Thank God for this! Something that is slim.  Travel sized. Not embossed velvet, or encased in metal.  Or huge in general.  Urban Decay finally got it right (although - the only truly failtastic packaging occurred with the original Naked, because that velvet just get's jacked up after a while, and then what are you gonna do?). 


1) Take W.O.S and use it as an inner eyelid brightener, perker upper.  It's pink toned, so it should work for you that way.

2) Take Foxy (my forever love and main reason I purchased Basics because I had hit pan on the one in Naked 2), and use it on the lid and lower lashline to color correct the lid and combat the redness on the lashline.

3) Mix Naked2 and Faint buff into outer corner and sweep into outer crease, not carrying it over to the inner corner.  The entire idea of this look is to keep the eye open and bright.

4) Intensify outercorner with more Faint if needed.

5) Liquid liner.  Winged or unwinged as you prefer.

6) Highlight with Virgin under the arch of the brow and in the inner corner.  Pack a bit more in on the bottom lashline in the inner corner area.

7) Mascara! 

This should take you five minutes or less, and leave you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed with no obvious make-up other than the liner.  It give the impression you are just naturally that fabulous.

The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is available from UrbanDecay.com and Sephora for $27 USD.


  1. Great honest post (of course, the only types of posts I find here). I'd love to see a pic of you wearing your look. I've been on the fence about this palette for a long time. The one time I checked it out, it seemed a little chalky, but I think I'll check it out again.

    1. Lol - I try to reign it in sometimes because I feel that maybe I'm too critical, but other times I feel it deserves it. And absolutely, I'll have an Mblog later this week featuring it!

  2. I'd love a pic too! I bought this recently and really like it. I agree with you about Faint needing to be a little warmer. It's a good palette, but I still like Naked 1 the best, even though it comes in that silly velvet packaging.

    1. I can absolutely do that! I do really like this palette alot, it's very user friendly and travel sized. It's in my daily makeup bag for when I run late to work and need to slap something on my face and just go.