06 February 2013

Physicians Formual Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Concealer

Anyone catch the redundancy in the title?

Descriptions, straight from the Physicians Formula website:
  •  Brush on this miracle cream to instantly diminish the appearance of: Dark Circles, Puffiness, Imperfections, Blemishes, Redness, and Uneven Skin Tone.
  • Super BB Concealer is your super tool for targeted application and was designed to perfectly complement the Super BB Cream & Powder.
Sometimes, I'm just a sucker with good intentions looking for a product that delivers in a world full of too good to be true.  It's truly my inclination to want to like things.  I swear.  In fact, I was totally going to buy the new Revlon Nearly Naked Powder, when I saw this Physicians Formula duster in Rite Aid (another place I haunt, much like Sephora), and it had the concealer above.  I was intrigued by the pen style packaging, taken with the holographic details, and sold with the $3 off coupon taped so conveniently to the box (no rebate needed for this one!).  But alas, it was not to be.

For the record, this is with the light-medium concealer on.
I guess, it's sort of unfair to judge a concealer like this, when my dark circle's are truly beasts of savage reknown, but I mean pictures don't lie.  For my under-eye area, it just doesn't work.  Which is a shame, because that is the entire reason I purchased the Super BB Concealer.  It's also sort of flagrantly ignores the claims of the packaging, which says that it conceals Dark Circles and Puffiness.

However, I think this product does have it's merits, and I think it could work as a concealer/ under eye brightener for those whose dark circles are less tragic than my own.  The actual concealer delivery system is a brush tipped pen, that is great for getting into the inner corner and under eye areas.  Additionally, the texture of the product is like a thickened MAC Face & Body foundation, so it does have some coverage.  Overall, I think the pigmentation could be better, but the color match for the light/medium pen was really good.  It's just not enough to be a true concealer.  On the face it's ok for covering small blemishes, but it wears off rather quickly.  It has all the makings of greatness, I guess it just needs to mature a bit, or maybe to truly make it work I need to use it with the other two products in the range.  But that seems sort of a pain in the ass, because I already have products I like much better - I'm just lacking a concealer.

This is available wherever Physician's Formula is sold.  At Rite Aid the boxes have a $3 manufacturer's coupon taped to the box, which is redeemable at the register.  Rite Aid is also offering a $5 Plus Up reward on your wellness card with any cumulative purchase(s) of Physicians Formula totaling $15.

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