30 January 2013

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain - Pourpre Preview

No I'm not going to sing you Led Zeppelin.  I am however going to suggest you listen to Metallica's Ecstasy of Gold while you read this.  So be a good sport, scroll to the bottom and hit 'Play'.
Finally! It is mine! I've lusted after this stain for the better part of two years, I've swatched this multiple times, coveted a variety of colors.  Finally, I just jumped in and bought shade 16 aka Pourpre Preview.  A shade that brings back happy recollections of MAC's Up the Amp lipstick.

I've always thought that YSL packaging toed the line between gaudy and luxe with remarkable aplomb.
I like that the packaging for the Glossy Stains has a bit of a heft to it.  Makes me unafraid to tuck into my makeup bag and stick it in my purse.  I also like that the swatch window showcases the color perfectly, because it's a little peek into the product.

Except for they keep it classy and make the applicator not look like a ladypart.
The applicator is pretty sweet and perfect for applying this product.  The point makes it great for getting into the corners of the mouth and precisely smoothing it onto your cupids bow.  The doefoot helps the stain smooth on easily and leave behind a glossy shine.

Glossy Swatch
Stain Swatch
I apply a thin layer first to get the stain going, just to get a base down so that the stain is even throughout the day.  Then, after about 5 minutes or so, I smooth the top layer into the lips and apply a second coat for a glossy shine.  What I get is lovely medium purple lips, with a touch of pink.  And because the texture is so nice it doesn't appear fake or garish looking as these more unusual shades can, it just melds in and mimics the basic texture of the lip with some lovely shine.

I seriously love this.  I can't wax poetic about this enough.  It's available at Sephora for $32 USD.

Skip to minute 1:15 for the start of Ecstasy of Gold and then just sit back, relax and appreciate how lovely and symphonic it is.  The music has scope and then it transitions into Call of the Ktulu, which Metallica comes out and jams with the Orchestra.  This was from the S&M show (SF Orchestra & Metallica).  But it's amazingly awesome.

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