20 January 2013

The Body Shop Colorglide Lipsticks

I am impressed with this photograph.  Sometimes I can eek some awesome out with my iPhone.

I love The Body Shop.  I shop exclusively for body care and skin care there.  I am a fan.  The one area where The Body Shop is hit or miss, is definitely in the makeup products.  Usually, I avoid the make-up section, purely because I'm a bit of a snob.  God this review sounds so lame....

The colors in question.
For the record, I didn't actually purchase these myself.  In addition to being a scientist extraordinaire, I also have a part time job at The Body Shop, just cuz.  One of the perks of being a regular associate is that you sometimes get gratis.  These three lipsticks were gratis, otherwise I don't think I'd ever have purchased them.  Actually, if I hadn't had the opportunity to play around with them at work, I would never have thought twice about them.  Period.  

The lipstick cases are so shiny.  It's freakish and mesmerizing.
What I liked about all of these colors is that they are a nice even jelly finish, transparent and bright without being over the top.  They nicely stain the lips and somehow look natural and fresh on the face, instead of heavy and garish.  I think they're nice colors for spring and the light texture make them believable and pretty looking.

Rich Scarlett, Flirty Pink, Neon Pink
These have Marula oil, Sesame oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil and Rosehip oil in them.  Somehow this doesn't make them overly moist, just sort of not dry.  If you use balm beforehand, you won't have a problem with the texture of the lipstick at all.  Rich Scarlett is my favorite, it's sort of a sheer Lady Danger with a touch more pink, very flattering on people with sallow/ olive undertones.  Flirty Pink is a nice pink shade that actually works for me, because pinks rarely do, with a touch of coral, it's sheer and just makes the lips more voluptuous looking.  Neon pink is a color that I use sparingly, so that it's more of a suggestion of a barbie pink, rather than full force pink.  It's blue toned and as a stain makes for a very interesting look, soft but bright and it clashes just enough with my skin tone - which sounds like it would be terrible, but I really like it.

Colorglides are $12.50, but often they go on sale for half off.

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