08 January 2013

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Base Coat

A tall figure, face in shadow, glides into frame.  Figure approaches a single nightstand table next to a bay of floor to ceiling windows.  Windows are covered in sheers, obscuring a city skyline.

CUT TO - Up close shot of a nicely manicured feminine hand.  Shiny, smooth nails.  Glass like surface.  A nude polish reflecting the warm glow of the lamp on the table.  The hand picks up the phone.

SLOW PAN UP - The figure's face in profile.  Short, choppy dark hair.  Arched brow.  Winged liner.  Matte coral lipstick. Raising the phone up to her subtly contoured cheek.

Figure (V.O.)
 I am speaking to you,dear reader.

CLOSE UP - The hand, furled, nails pointed toward the figures torso.  The nightstand tables light flashes across them.

Figure (V.O.)
Don't consider this as a phoned-in review.
[heavy pause]
[contiues speaking in a matter of fact voice]
Because it's not. What I am about to tell you is simple, and matter of fact.

CUT TO - The hand snapping flat, fingers close together palm down.  The hand rocks back, smoothly showing the reflection of the figure in the shinyness of her nails.

Figure (V.O.)
[calm voice, even diction, mellow inflection]
I am not an individual to find solace in Holy Grail items.  It's not that I have issues with settling, no.  I just have very, very

[stresses the next word]

[resumes normal speech]
high expectations and rigorous criteria for what makes my Holy Grail list. 

[a pause]

And Kensingtion Caviar Base Coat from Nails Inc, has the priviledge of being the first product to join that list in 2013.

WIDE SHOT - Figure turns sharply, walking away from the table.  The Figure is wearing heels, with peep toes and the nightstand table light reflects softly off them.

Figure (V.O.)
[you can hear the pleasure of a smile in the speech]
What I like about this product is simple.  It works.  It's a smooth basecoat, fast drying, and helps any polish put on top self level like a dream.

CLOSE UP - A glittering black holographic nail polish shines in the dim light.  The Figures voice continues.

Figure (V.O.)
As a bonus, it also makes any topcoat used on top shinier.  Seche Vite? Makes glass look dim.  Kensington Caviar Top Coat? 

Well.  Still waters run deep don't they?  The fact is.  For ten dollars, this doesn't get any better.  It makes any type of polish just work better.  Matte, creme, frost, holo, magnetic.... expect Kensington Caviar Basecoat to make the job of painting your nails easier.

INTERMEDIATE SHOT - Mix of shots of feet and hands as figure walks back towards table.  You hear the faint click of heels and the soft exhalation of the figures breath.

Figure (V.O.)
And that

Is all there is to it.

CLOSE UP - Figure clicks off phone.  Sets it down on cradle.  The expertly manicured hand sets down a bottle of Kensington Caviar Base Coat by Nails Inc, next to the phone.

CUT TO WIDE SHOT - Figure struts away, the only thing worth noticing is the shine on the toenail and fingertips.

QUICK CUT - The bottle of Kensington Caviar Base Coat reveals a pristine bottle with a jelly pink lacquer inside.


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