09 January 2013

Holiday Hangover: Tarte Baby It's Bold Outside Gift Set

I really like Tarte products.  I love the Amazonian Clay Blushes and the LipSurgence Pencils.  For a while I owned as many Tarte accoutrements as I did Urban Decay and NARS.  I was in Sephora, just looking around, my weekly habit (I may also be crazy), and I spotted the Baby It's Bold Outside Gift Set.  I was also looking at another set from Tarte that was rolled out for Christmas.  It had a new mini baked blush and an HUGE eyeshadow palette.  But I settled on this instead... Why? Well it's all full sized products... THATS WHY!
Pay attention to the upper left corner of the box.
Yeah.  6 full sized products for $39.  One of these puppies regularly retails for $25.  It's like they're giving this away.  Actually, they are.  And did you see! THERES A JUNGLE GREEN!  I love jungle green.  It's one of my preferred colors, and a shade that really gets done very poorly in makeup.  Great attempts are made, but many, many fall short of capturing the true tone of a jungle and it's lovely, verdant cool blue-touched green-ness.  Oh and there's a taupe, too.  Just for everyone who doesn't like Jungle Green.  I'm just gonna assume y'all are taupe lovers.

Glamour Shot! Perhaps I should have lead with this one.
From the Top!

- Gold (LE)
- Ash Violet (Perm)
- Champagne (Perm)
- Gunmetal (LE I think - also, since when did gunmetal become a makeup buzzword?  Every brand has a freaking Gunmetal shade.  Even a pro-environment naturally sourced brand has one, doesn't anyone think that's sort of... odd? And counter-intuitive?)
- Rainforest Black (THE JUNGLE GREEN! LE)

- Onyx Skinny SmolderEYES 


Fresh Marks!
Freshly Smudged!
I don't think I need to expound upon how these work and how they smudge.  They're a basic smudgy, eye crayon.  But I do think the smudged pictures illustrates how they are perfect for the smudged look, because they blend, but they also leave enough of themselves behind that smudging actually works.   My one beef is that I can't tighline with these products, because they cling (as do most eyeliners) to my contacts and makes wearing them REALLY uncomfortable.  So, just be aware....

This was a giftset available for purchase during Holiday 2012, exclusively from Sephora for $39.

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