02 January 2013

Holiday Hangover: NARS Satellite of Love Highlighting Powder

Such a lovely silver box.  Full of such promise.  Too bad silver boxes don't have silver linings.
I guess this would be classified as "Holiday Hangover".  As this highlighting powder was definitely a release from the NARS Holiday 2012 Andy Warhol themed collection, and I am now reviewing it in 2013.  But, whatever, that's the beauty of hangovers, they stay long past their welcome.

There is no spiffy packaging with this, it's standard NARS.
So, first up.  If you've purchased any of the "Flowers" palettes or any of the special palettes that debuted with the Andy Warhol collection, they had a nice, embossed silver NARS with an "Andy Warhol" ala the box on the product case.  Satellite of Love, does not.  If you didn't get the fancy silver box, then you wouldn't even know that it was specific to this release.  Anyways.  Can't complain too much.  Just don't throw away the box.
Satellite of Love
This is the size of a typical NARS blush/ highlighting powder.  It's a slightly pink tinted powder, with obvious golden sparkles.  The term "blush" comes to mind when describing this.  And by "blush" I mean the shade, not blusher.  In terms of texture, Satellite of Love is not dusty, but it's not dry either.  Nor is it soft.  In terms of how it highlights, it's more of a subtle highlighter.  I tend to like my highlighting powders to be frosty, so that when I put it on the face it shows up as more of a sheen/ candlelight glow-y looking.  However, in Sephora lighting, this is beautiful.  Actually, it is beautiful.  It's just not my cuppa.  I'm more of a theBalm Mary Lou-manizer or Illamasqua Halcyon or Urban Decay Sin Cream Highlighter chickie.  You subtle gals will dig this.

In Daylight.
My other beef, is that SOL is pink toned.  And not in a cool duo-chrome reflect kind of way.  It's more of a blush kind of way.  I can't really use this, because it's not a shade that would work well with my normally blushless looks.  I can see this being a layered over blush, to add a fun and interesting cheek sparkle.  But as being used for highlighting, I can imagine an extended blush line, up onto the upper cheekbone would not be too attractive looking.  Unless you really like blush, and having nice blushed up cheeks.

iPhone 4 Flash
With flash, the sheen from the golden sparkle is more obvious, and the flash bleaches out some of the pink tone I was discussing earlier.  But, here the subtle nature of SOL is revealed.  It's not a full on Ba-bam! Highlighter. It's sorta mediocre.  I feel that layering wouldn't increase the intensity of the highlight, but would increase the look of having a pinky blush where highlighter is supposed to be.  The saving grace of this, is that I feel this would be beautiful over a tan or on those with Medium to Med-Deep/ Olive skin tones.  Unfortunately, its winter, and I am not tanned yet.  So, for right now... I don't think it's worth it.  It is a nice bit of pretty, and would be a great addition to any NARS lovers collection, as there are very few highlighters released by NARS (Albatross and Miss Liberty come to mind).  But for me, I sort of feel lukewarm about it.

This is an LE product from NARS, released with the Holiday 2012 Andy Warhol collection.  It retails for $28 USD and is available from Sephora and NARScosmetics.com.

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  1. Awww how disappointing. Looked lovely in Sephora the other day when I was looking for highlighters. I went with Too Faced instead (which has been okay thus far).