23 January 2013

Holiday Hangover: NARS + Andy Warhol Flowers 3 Palette

This is the silver packaging I was talking about.
It appears that I had a very NARS themed Christmas.  Mainly, this was Andy Warhol driven decision making.  And only a part of it was because I really, really, really like NARS makeup.  That being said, I have never owned a NARS design/ un-separated palette before.  I'm not entirely sure what to think of it, since I mainly purchased this as a collectors piece (which, if you'll notice, I promptly destroyed any value it may have by swatching the purpled background and fell victim to the ruse of overspray).

Ye olde palette.
This palette is based off of Warhols Flowers pop art piece, and there were two (or three I can't recall correctly) palettes that were made to mimic the print.  The one I have, Flowers 3, is the neutral palette - with an icy shimmery white-gold, a shimmery fawn shade, a deeper rich coffee color, and the purple/ black/ silver/ taupe-y background.  The other one I remember as Flowers 2, was more bright colors featuring purple, yellow and red.  The flowers themselves are one solid color, with frost, whilst the background has more of a satin finish.  If you do purchase this, I advise just skipping mussing up the background, because the overspray comes right off with the purple, and it makes the rest of the palette look unsightly once besmirched.

Fun inserts! Eye makeup example, Variation on the artwork, Helpful words.  Nails are China Glaze QT.
The eye makeup featured on the insert, I guess, is sort of a suggestion for how you should use the palette if you wanted to do an eyemakeup look.  I see a bit of Edie Sedgewick in there (not a whole lot, mind you - Flowers was produced in 1965 during the height of '60s Mod subculture), and weirdly some 70's influences.  Another sort of damper on the whole thing, is that the card may be misleading you to think these shadows have crazy color payoff, or at least enough payoff to get you that eye look.  Let me tell you something.  They don't. 

So, as we can see they are all sheer and you would need to use a black cream base and be decent with a blending brush and pencil brush if you wanted to re-create the suggested look.  I found the texture of the shadows to be dry, unlike the NARS duos, which tend to be creamy and smooth.  I feel like this might be a hallmark of the manufacturing of the palette, and have to do with how its formed to get all of the shadows to form one cohesive palette.  This also speaks to this palette being more of a showcase piece than an actual every day use palette.  But to each their own.

This palette retailed for $55 USD and was available from Sephora.com and NARScosmetics.com.

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  1. I tried out the Flowers 1 palette and was all excited by the little tutorial card because I thought there would be serious pigmentation going on... NOPE. These palettes are definitely works of art--if you don't use them!