31 January 2013

Holiday Hangover: NARS 47th Street Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner

It's the last day in January, and this will be the last holiday hangover post this year. Mainly because February is knocking on the door, but mostly because I've run out of products that I purchased during the holidays.

Anyone shocked that I am reviewing yet another NARS + Andy Warhol collection product?  No? Good.
Another crisp shot eeked out of my iPhone.
I have mixed feelings about Larger Than Life Eyeliners, mainly because I find them a bit dry and when on the waterline it sort of crusts up and makes it a bit uncomfortable to wear.  Clearly, you're thinking I picked the wrong eyeliner because 47th street is a black eyeliner with silvered microglitter in it, it's totally bound to be mega uncomfortable and make your contacts hate you.  And. You'd be wrong.  I was surprised with how comfortable this is to wear on the waterline.  But mainly, I like to line my upper lashline and quickly smudge it so that I get a softly smoky eye with shimmery, sparkly, glimmers.  And this is sparkly.  Think of a matte black base and defined pieces of glitter.  No shimmer to obscure the reflection of the glitter.  The effect is very night sky/ star like.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this eyeliner.

I like that the base is black enough to be defining, but not black enough to obscure the glitter.
 As you can see, it's a softer black.  Which makes it excellent for smudging and adding a soft edge to everyday makeup.  The glitter in this is marketed as being silver, but it flashes blue and purple as well.

At little unfocused to pick up the glitter shifting colors.
I have no complaints about this eyeliner.  I wear it quite often, as it's a great way to inject some fun and fancy glitter into your day without it being overpowering or looking over done.  For quick, easy makeup you have to smudge and smudge this quickly.  I tend to dot it on, then grab my pencil brush and work it back and forth to thicken and diffuse the line.  Then I layer on tons of mascara (because I love thick mascara-y lashes), a bit of highlighter and I'm done.  Boom.

Love this product. NARS Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliners are $26USD and available at Sephora and NARScosmetics.com.

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