21 January 2013

Birchbox - January 2013

Buon Anniversaire!  I have been a Birchbox subscriptionist for a year! *throws confetti*  And while I do have plans to test out other subscription boxes this year, Birchbox was the only one to successfully weather the 2012 boxes that I tested.   I will say that I am not too jazzed about this box.  When I was a bright and shiny member last year, I would have been super excited, but as an old hat, I was sort of let down.  I don't really feel any cohesion to this box, and I really dislike the fact that Birchbox keeps trying to press Juicy Couture frangrancerie on me.  DO I LOOK LIKE A GIRL WHO WOULD USE A JUICY PRODUCT?

The things that I can see would have caused me to be excited were the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrait and the Juice Beauty Skin Care Line.  However, I've tried the Embryolisse before, having procured it the old fashioned Ebay way, and was less than enamored of it.  Don't get me wrong, it's a fabulous moisturizer, it was just too heavy for my skin.  I only used it on the deepest freeziest days of winter, when the air literally sucks all of the youth and dew out of your skin.

The Juice Beauty has some buzzwords on the packaging that just rub me the wrong way.  I feel like it's clever word play and trickery to make it seem like the product is better than what it is.  And given the size of the samples, you'll never really know if the descriptions ring true or not, because it's not enough to test the claims the packaging makes.

The other two items, the Amika Color pHerfection shampoo sample and theBalm Put a Lid On It Eye Primer, seemed random in the face of the others.

I guess the true theme here is to preserve and protect - as there is a skincare regime, a protective shampoo, a primer, an ultra moisturizer and a perfume sample.  But I'm just slightly underwhelmed by this months offering.

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