23 December 2012

NOTD - OPI Berlin There Done That + CG Luxe and Lush

I'm trying out the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Basecoat and all I can say is its loooovvve! It makes virtually any polish a one coat affair, and I swear it does some magical hoodoo voodoo resurfacing or boosts the top coat because I get crazy fabulous shine from my seche vite when I use this base coat. Todays nails are somewhat subdued (mainly because I'm a scrooge who isn't the biggest fan of christmas) but still glam and trendy! The CG Luxe and Lush isn't the greatest flakie I've ever tried, you have to daub the flakes on to get it even rather than spread it. So it takes a few passes to get it even enough. Overall I like it.

19 December 2012

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup!

  •  Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom: Can a lip gloss curb your appetite? Destany tests Joey NY lipFIT to find out!
  • Pinked Polish: Check out My new favorite Holo polish, Chirality The Symbiote!!!!
  • Adore A Polish: Time to have a look at Kristina's nail care essentials.
  • Makeup Demon: Going to the Disco party or photoshoot - here is the idea of disco makeup!
  • Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Maitri Garden Handcrafted Jewelry Review +INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!
  • TheFabZilla: It's a cheeky situation! TheFabZilla reviews BECCA Beach Tint Duo (Lip & Cheek). See if it's worth the hype.
  • The Beauty Think Tank: It's Run a Mile with Lindsay Day 2012! Will you participate!?!
  • Beauty by Miss L: Miss L reviewed Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set.
  • Lola's Secret Beauty Blog: Curious about Lola's Secret Beauty Blog's Top Pick Holiday Skincare, Body Care & Haircare Products? Drumroll, Please...
  • Mama Fashionista: In this Gift Guide, Melvita and Jurlique go head to head in a war of the roses (who will come out on top?).
  • Beauty and Fashion Tech: Darling Girl Cosmetics Review and Video.
  • Girl Gloss: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review.
  • Polarbelle: Polarbelle finds true gold in hair care with the ghd Pink Cherry Blossom 1" Flat Iron. This puppy can do anything!!!
  • Lisa's Nail Obsession: Santa is comin' to town...are you ready?
  • Beauty Professor: The Beauty Professor swatches all shades of the latest LMdB Kaleidoscope, Bauhaus!
  • Betzy's Makeup: Check it out for some great holiday recipes featuring Torani Flavors.
  • Lipgloss Break: Enter to win a Clos du Bois Pixi Cosmetic Bag. There are 5 up for grabs!
  • Vicerimus: Yulia of Vicerimus gets inspired by Spring 2013 fashion trends and incorporates them into her nail routine.
  • Rachel's Makeup and Skincare: Rachel from Rachel's Makeup and Skincare swatches the many items from the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection.
  • Très Beau Glamour: Looking for a nice Holiday makeup look to create? Check out Nay Denise's Silver Sparks tutorial using Lancome beauty products.
  • The Beauty Delicacy: Day 1 silver + gold holiday nail art challenge.
  • The Passenger Element: Revlon lip product haul - swatches.
  • Amber Did It!: Oh Christmas Tree, a festive tape mani Christmas tree.
  • Holiday Hiatus

    I'm sorry I'm so lame.  But I am so incredibly busy right now that regular posting is just not feasible.  I am declaring a hiatus and will be back after the 1st Jan with new content and a refreshed demeanor.  To all the new followers, I warn you... you ain't seen nothing yet.  So, just stick around and keep on, keepin' on.  I will be back.

    Oh... references....

    15 December 2012

    Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report!

    Harriet at Little Miss Student Beauty is holding her MAC Christmas Giveaway!

    Lola at Lola's Secret Beauty Blog tells us what's on her Holiday Wish List!

    Olivia of The Unknown Beauty Blog says "Out with the old and in with the new!" with MUFE Aqua Brow!

    Rachel from Rachel's Makeup and Skincare swatches the many items from the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection.

    Emily at Mrs. WASP shows us the awesome green manicure that is Julep Cindy.

    Lindsay at The Beauty Think Tank has a special challenge for you all, The Official Run a Mile with Lindsay Day 2012!

    Submissions for The Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report is going on hiatus until after the Holidays!  So stay tuned in the future for more great posts, from great bloggers!

    10 December 2012

    Run a Mile with Lindsay Day 2012!

    I am aware that this is not regularly scheduled programming.  And I am aware that what I am about to talk about has nothing to do with Beauty Products.  BUT.  I am going to talk about something that is important to me.  Last year, at around this time, I weighed 275 lbs.  I was extremely unhealthy, and had an abysmal level of physical fitness.  At this point, I had started actively thinking about losing weight, and had thought about it for a while.  And while I thought about losing weight, I more so thought about what I wanted to do to lose that weight.  I wanted to become a runner. 

    So, to make a long story short, on December 28, 2011, after several failed attempts and miserable periods on a treadmill later, I sucked it up and ran a mile.  This was no small feat for me mind you.  I had never run a mile straight through before.  EVER.  I always walked portions of it in gym class, I could never actually complete the distance in high school.  But, on that day, I sucked it up, dialed up the speed and just refused to get off the treadmill until my distance tracker said '1.00'.  

    It took me twelve minutes, and I almost vomited, but, at the end. I finished it.  And it was that day that I committed myself to losing weight.  I knew that if I stuck it out, I would get to where I wanted to go.  As long as I kept trying, and kept pushing, my efforts would be rewarded.  And I have been rewarded.  I've lost 75lbs.  I can now run a 5k in 30 minutes.  So, I wanted to commemorate this eventful, and clearly fateful day by challenging you, dear reader (all 172 of you) to run a mile with me on December 28, 2012!

    All you have to do is comment below saying that you're down for the challenge!  You don't actually have to run it all - you can jog, walk, crawl, zombie shuffle.  Just as long as you cover the mile on the 28th, we're in business!  I'll have another post on the 28th of December that you can comment about your experience doing your mile, and hopefully, for some, it will be a personal catalyst for you and help you make a change you've always wanted to make in your life :)!

    Anyways - if you're down, please comment below!

    Your fearless leader at the Dirty Girl Mud Run in May 2012!

    08 December 2012

    Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report!

    Lola from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog tells about her Top Pick Holiday Lip Sets!

    Rachel from Rachel's Makeup and Skincare reviews her Winter Wantable Box.

    Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog kicks off the holiday's with the Beauty Blog Advent Calendar 2012!

    If you would like to be featured in a future Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report, please e-mail Lindsay at beautythinktank(at)gmail(dot)com.


    This week was hellacious.  I didn't realize that taking a second holiday job would literally end up consuming my life.  I will be back to my regularly unscheduled badassery soon.  I hope.

    03 December 2012

    CND Iced Coral Shellac

    Check out the pretty green duochrome! I had this done because I ran out of time to jazz up my nails myself. And they were in serious disrepair. I like shellac and intend to get at least one more treatment to encourage my nails to grow out. I liked Iced Coral because its a great neutral with a twist.

    02 December 2012

    Case of the Mondays!

    A) This song "Fear and Loathing" by Marina and the Diamonds has been on heavy rotation as of late.  And is totally been my mood.  Which, not sure what that says about me.

    B) Marina does have some pretty killer makeup.

    C) Also check out her song "Valley of the Dolls"... that is some good stuff.

    The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Round Up!