27 November 2012

The Lemming List Vol. 4

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if this is the fourth Volume or not.  It just feels natural to surmise that it is.  Ok, I'll stop being lazy and check.  Yup.  It is. Yay for trusting my intuition, and my own working knowledge of my bog.  I got it right.  Gold star for me! 

Image from Sephora.com
So, I have a valid reason for wanting this.  This past year I have lost a lot of weight.  And one of the fabulous side effects of dropping the lbs, is that I now have cheeks... and more importantly prominent cheekbones.  Normally I dislike blush.  Like I avoid it.  I don't care for cheek color.  I don't feel it necessary to look like I am having a hot flash at all times.  Plus, I'm sallow.  Blush in extremis looks odd on me.  Except for in certain shades.  I've used Exhbit A before, when I was much heavier, and when applied with a stippling brush blotted onto the back of the hand I get a really nice sheer red flush which reads more edgy than cute.  And with the new cheekbones (and cheek hollows) I thought using Exhibit A would be an awesome way to experiment with fun angular blush application. 


Image from Sephora.com
This is a case of samples actually serving their purpose.  I want this because I got a sample, and from that little old sample packet realized that this stuff works.  It's moisturizing and oil free.  Doesn't cause my concealer to crease.  And I really truly notice the reduction in my under eye circles when I have this on, even without concealer.  I'm not sure how the massaging tip works as I've only ever sampled the cream, but the cream itself is enough to sell me on it.  I'm not sure if it's quite worth the almost $40 price tag, but you need so little of this and honestly, it's the only dark circle corrector that I've used that I feel works, so I think I may spring for it.


Image from Sephora.com
This really is the only foundation that Sephora offers that I haven't tried yet.  Honestly, I'm looking for a semi-matte finish with a GREAT color match.  I just want a solid medium coverage foundation that looks like skin.  That's all.  I've kept away from this because it's $55 dollars.  But I've heard rave things about it.  Supposedly it's like bathing your face in light.  It's a wonderful highlighting foundation, so I've heard. So I think I'm going to pony up and get colormatched (and at least take a sample for a test drive).  And I think it would be a nice christmas splurge.


Image from Aveda.com
I've used this product before when I had a bit longer hairstyle and loved it.  It's the best instant texturizer I've ever used.  It thickens, lifts and volumizes all with a few spritzes.  Now that I have a pixie cut, I pretty much really can only style the top and the volumizer I use, while nice and volumizing, doesn't actually to contribute to adding texture.  But, I've realized, I could rock my hair out hardcore if I JUST HAD MORE TEXTURE.  So, needless to say I am lemming this.


Image from Birchbox.com
This is another example of trying a sample and really liking it.  I am finding that I am really enjoying sample subscription services because I enjoy being exposed to new brands that aren't available in Sephora or Ulta or a Drugstore or Cosmetics Counter.  Lately, I have been getting sort of bored with whats out there in my usual makeup haunts.  So, I think subscription boxes are worth it.  It's stopping me from impulse buying because the variety of the products is filling in the need to try the new and different.  This fragrance duo I tried from Birchbox, and I love the Pink Frangipani option (there are two, to be worn singly or as a duo).  It's such a warm tropical scent, and I just love it.  It's not boozy or artificial, and when I wear it all I smell is coconut and frangipani.  True story, this makes me feel like a fox.  Like 100% strut my stuff I'm so foxy fox. I think I am going to spring for it after I receive December's Birchbox, so I can review and get a few more Birchbox points.  Then I can get a great discount on it.

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