19 November 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Palette

So, I'm going to be kind a cruel.  Because this palette is not carried by Sephora anymore.  And technically, it's sorta asshole-y of me to flaunt it.  Take pictures of it.  Show the pretty colors.  Probe the true nature of the eyeshadow texture and color payoff.  Talk about how disappointed I was in this.....  Yeah.  That's why I don't feel bad about doing this.  That sentiment I held in the last Faves & Fails about how I lusted over this palette, but it was still Sephora brand makeup and you could only dress it up so much rang true for this palette.  But that's not say that it's not worth pic-spamming you.  If only it could have been....


The box is really pretty.  Very minimal with a vibrant accent.
All of the shades have handy little Pantone numbers.  Which is nice. Because having to name 35 individual shadows with unique-cool names, I imagine, is somewhat of a bitch.
All the pretty colors!

Now do we see why I'm sorta over it?
I'm going to pause here in the spammage to clarify the reason why I dislike this palette.  When I swatched those shadows I tried to pick shades that were a nice cross section of the palette.  I was expecting for a few of them to be mediocre.  But literally.  ALL of them were.  Maybe the age of the palette had something to do with it, but all of the shades were hard and the color payoff was less than ideal.  When I tried and eye look with the palette, everything just blended together and became muddy.  I wasn't impressed.  I was glad that I bought it in the VIB sale, because even discounted to $17, 35 crap shadows is not worth it.  The formulation of all of them was just... weak.  Which is unfortunate because it is a great color selection.

Yes my hair always is some sort of sticky uppy cray.

But the mirror.  Now that is nice.  It's huge. A nice magnifcation, and great for getting up close and personal with your face. The mirror is awesomesauce.

So... this isn't available anymore.... and that's not so unfortunate as it were.  There currently is another Sephora+Pantone Universe palette, it's some kind of metallic collection.  Which seems cool, but I'm not gonna jump again.  I've learned my lesson with the Pantone products.


  1. Glad to hear this.. I almost bought it. I did, however, buy 2 of the nail polishes, and they were more than a little sucky. :( Bleh.

    1. Yeah. It had SO MUCH potential. But really. It's sorta lame.

  2. I'd been debating buying this palette for awhile. I just loved the idea of it but the fact that it was Sephora brand held me back. Glad I skipped it!

    1. Yeah. I was like.. oooooh! This is gonna be great! Oh wait... not, not really.