06 November 2012

A Peek Into The Gallery: Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2

I'm surprised there isn't a Naked 3, the way there was like 10 million Book of Shadows.  I think the original Naked Palette by Urban Decay is still the more popular of the two.  However, Naked2 is my favorite.  I enjoy the color selection in it much better.  Both palettes are completely neutral, with a mix of frost and matte, warm and cool tones.  But you're not really here for the review.  You're here for some gold old fashioned eyeshadow pr0n. Dirty Birdies.


The Original Naked looks busted because it's velvet.  Embossed Velvet.  Not the best for being toted around and traveled with.
I don't buy makeup to keep it pristine.  I USE it.  Naked 2 on top, Naked on the bottom.
The Original Naked
 From Left to Right

- Virgin
- Sin
- Naked
- Sidecar
- Buck
- Half Baked
- Smog
- Darkhorse
- Toasted
- Hustle
- Creep
- Gunmetal

Naked 2
- Foxy
- Half Baked
- Booty Call
- Chopper
- Tease
- Snakebite
- Suspect
- Pistol
- Verve
- Busted
- Blackout

Half Baked appears twice, and there are similar colors between the palettes, but overall - I'm pleased with them :).


  1. Naked2 is my favorite too. I like the cooler tones.

    1. I like my neutrals to be on the cooler side. I'm so yellow toned that warm shades aren't enough contrast for me!

  2. Love these two palettes, although I find myself reaching for Naked 1 more. Sin and Naked are my go-to shades - to the point where both have large dips (can see pan) in both. :(