14 November 2012

A Peek Into the Gallery: My Black Lipstick Collection

I missed the whole rebellious goth phase in high school.  But that isn't to say that I didn't have it.  It just sort of hit later than normal.  What can I say, I'm a late bloomer.  Anyways, I meant to post this on Halloween, but I forgot.  So, I'm posting it now!  Better late than never right?

From L to R: YSL Pur Gloss in Black, MAC Midnight Media Mattene, Urban Decay Oil Slick
Two of these are Limited Editions.  And they are crazy old.  YSL Gloss Pur Black, I want to say came out in 2008, it's lost it's pretty scent, and to be truthful I never wear it.  But it's the only YSL item I own, and I just can't bear to part with it. Even if it sort of smells like funky plastic.  MAC Midnight Media Mattene came out with the MAC Style Black collection in 2009.  This was when I was in my MAC fixation, and I HAD TO HAVE THIS.  The Urban Decay Oil Slick Lipstick is the one I wear most often, because it's pretty sheer.  In fact you can't tell that it's black when it's on my lips.

SWATCH! Top to Bottom: YSL Gloss Pure Black, MAC Midnight Media Mattene, UD Oil Slic LS
I think that the black lips trend is no longer en Vogue, but I have them for posterity.  One day I will use them again!

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