30 November 2012

Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report!

Lola of Lola's Secret Beauty Blog brings us an exclusive look at Susan Thompson Cosmetics Limited Edition Holiday Sets!

Jeneille of the Vincy Beauti Blog shows us how to get awesome Red Lips, her fave!

Rachel from Rachel's Makeup and Skincare finds a fairy godmother who bestows Guerlain Meteorites on her.

Olivia of The Unknown Beauty Blog shows us how to bring some shimmer into our holidays using Manna Kadar's Sheer Glow.

Emily at Southern Gorgeous waxes poetic about OPI's You Only Live Twice Nail Polish.

Kelly over at The Reasonable Blonde shares her thoughts on the new Revlon nail polish Midnight Sparkle.  And check out her bathroom makeup storage for gals on a budget!

Harriet at Little Miss Student Beauty shows you how to make your own natural skincare products!

Lindsay at The Beauty Think Tank shares her current beauty product lemmings, complete with ridiculous exposition!

If you would like to be featured in a future Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report, please e-mail Lindsay at beautythinktank(at)gmail(dot)com.

29 November 2012

Favorite YouTube Video of the Week!

I've been watching xSparkage on YouTube for a while now, and while I really loved her tutorials when she started (with the bright colors and crazy lips), I actually really dig this neutral look from her.  For being a neutral look, it still has her signature chutzpah, which is really difficult to break through with neutral shades.  But I really like it on her, it's a more sophisticated and flattering take on the kind of makeup she likes to do.  And I think its a great tutorial, a universally complimentary look, and showcases a wonderfully mature Leesha.  It also makes me want to wear it to my companies holiday party that is going down this weekend!

27 November 2012

The Lemming List Vol. 4

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if this is the fourth Volume or not.  It just feels natural to surmise that it is.  Ok, I'll stop being lazy and check.  Yup.  It is. Yay for trusting my intuition, and my own working knowledge of my bog.  I got it right.  Gold star for me! 

Image from Sephora.com
So, I have a valid reason for wanting this.  This past year I have lost a lot of weight.  And one of the fabulous side effects of dropping the lbs, is that I now have cheeks... and more importantly prominent cheekbones.  Normally I dislike blush.  Like I avoid it.  I don't care for cheek color.  I don't feel it necessary to look like I am having a hot flash at all times.  Plus, I'm sallow.  Blush in extremis looks odd on me.  Except for in certain shades.  I've used Exhbit A before, when I was much heavier, and when applied with a stippling brush blotted onto the back of the hand I get a really nice sheer red flush which reads more edgy than cute.  And with the new cheekbones (and cheek hollows) I thought using Exhibit A would be an awesome way to experiment with fun angular blush application. 


Image from Sephora.com
This is a case of samples actually serving their purpose.  I want this because I got a sample, and from that little old sample packet realized that this stuff works.  It's moisturizing and oil free.  Doesn't cause my concealer to crease.  And I really truly notice the reduction in my under eye circles when I have this on, even without concealer.  I'm not sure how the massaging tip works as I've only ever sampled the cream, but the cream itself is enough to sell me on it.  I'm not sure if it's quite worth the almost $40 price tag, but you need so little of this and honestly, it's the only dark circle corrector that I've used that I feel works, so I think I may spring for it.


Image from Sephora.com
This really is the only foundation that Sephora offers that I haven't tried yet.  Honestly, I'm looking for a semi-matte finish with a GREAT color match.  I just want a solid medium coverage foundation that looks like skin.  That's all.  I've kept away from this because it's $55 dollars.  But I've heard rave things about it.  Supposedly it's like bathing your face in light.  It's a wonderful highlighting foundation, so I've heard. So I think I'm going to pony up and get colormatched (and at least take a sample for a test drive).  And I think it would be a nice christmas splurge.


Image from Aveda.com
I've used this product before when I had a bit longer hairstyle and loved it.  It's the best instant texturizer I've ever used.  It thickens, lifts and volumizes all with a few spritzes.  Now that I have a pixie cut, I pretty much really can only style the top and the volumizer I use, while nice and volumizing, doesn't actually to contribute to adding texture.  But, I've realized, I could rock my hair out hardcore if I JUST HAD MORE TEXTURE.  So, needless to say I am lemming this.


Image from Birchbox.com
This is another example of trying a sample and really liking it.  I am finding that I am really enjoying sample subscription services because I enjoy being exposed to new brands that aren't available in Sephora or Ulta or a Drugstore or Cosmetics Counter.  Lately, I have been getting sort of bored with whats out there in my usual makeup haunts.  So, I think subscription boxes are worth it.  It's stopping me from impulse buying because the variety of the products is filling in the need to try the new and different.  This fragrance duo I tried from Birchbox, and I love the Pink Frangipani option (there are two, to be worn singly or as a duo).  It's such a warm tropical scent, and I just love it.  It's not boozy or artificial, and when I wear it all I smell is coconut and frangipani.  True story, this makes me feel like a fox.  Like 100% strut my stuff I'm so foxy fox. I think I am going to spring for it after I receive December's Birchbox, so I can review and get a few more Birchbox points.  Then I can get a great discount on it.

26 November 2012

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

Illamasqua Skin Base
Hm.  I'm not sure how to go about this review.  I know I'm woefully late to the party (as per usual).  And I also know that this is a generally well loved foundation.  So I guess, I will just go with the beginning and putz around until I say what I mean to say.  And then when I say it, you will understand my thoughts about Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation.


I'm too sexy for my cap, too sexy for my cap, too sexy... yeah....
This is a deceptively small bottle.  Maybe Youtubers and Bloggers are deceptively small people, with deceptively small hands, because Skin Base has always looked substantial when held by them.  (Yeah, this is where I'm starting my analysis, just strap in now....)  But in person the bottle is much more diminutive in stature.  Maybe I'm just a freak with gigantor hands and unrealistic views on scale and proportion.  Who knows.  While compact, the lines of the bottle are textbook Illamasqua, and the simplicity of the rest of it is divine.  I really love Illamasqua packaging, and have no real complaints about it.


Shade 7.5 - for light-medium skin with yellow undertones.

Blended out, natural light, you can see it a bit towards my knuckles.
This is thicker and drier than what I expected.  It also settled into the imperfections on my hands more so than I would like.  But I rationalized that the skin on my face is more refined and moisturized, so perhaps it would be different on.  Also, it's not an exact color match.  Plus the yellow is more of an ochre-type yellow, than a clean yellow, which would brighten up a sallow tone a touch while on the skin.


Ya'll are so pushy.  Here it is with Flash.
Flash makes this foundation look so much better.  Here the imperfections are blurred, the skin looks moisturized and brightened.  Here.  We can see that the foundation was designed to be photographed.  And that it is medium coverage.  Things are looking up!


On.  Not set with powder.
I'm not sure how it's possible to look both pasty and sallow, but hey... Mischief Managed, you know.  The coverage on this is a tad high for my liking.  And even with bronzer it's still giving me the look of a really nicely made up jaundiced tuberculosis patient.  At least, thats my opinion. It does have a great luminous quality, and perhaps I have the wrong shade, but it's not bad as foundations go.  I like the level of dewiness going on.  It's not too much, nor is it too little.  You get the impression that I actually wash my face.  I think this is a great foundation for those with pale skins, as it tends to heighten the lightness of the skin, and adds a glow that I think would be really lovely on those of the fairer persuasions.  It's just not for me.

Skin Base is sold on Illamasqua.com and Sephora.com (for 42USD).

25 November 2012

NARS Friends and Family Sale

Starting at Midnight ET Tonight until 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday 27 Nov NARS is holding their Friends and Family sale.  Using the code NARSFF2012 you can get 20% off the entire website.  If you've never tried NARS or are curious or need to stock up on your faves, now is the time!  So, you know cry havoc and release the dogs on your credit card!

23 November 2012

Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report!

Jeneille of the Vincy Beauti Blog shares the Skincare and Everyday Face Products she has really be loving lately.

Lola of Lola's Secret Beauty Blog takes vbeauté Skincare for a spin and shares her overview and initial assessment of the products she tried.

Rachel from Rachel's Makeup and Skincare shares her two most loved lip glosses of the moment!

Olivia of The Unknown Beauty Blog tells us why Manna Kadar Lip Products deserve world wide attention.

Harriet at Little Miss Student Beauty starts her new 'Festive Fridays' segment!

Lindsay shares why Eyeko's Skinny Mini Eye Duo is the skinniest, miniest, best set of eyeliner and mascara at The Beauty Think Tank.

If you would like to be featured in a future Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report please e-mail Lindsay at beautythinktank(at)gmail(dot)com.

21 November 2012

The Beauty Blogazons Holiday Giveaway!

Tis the season!  The season for a giving!  I am pleased to announce that the Beauty Blogazons are hosting a Holiday Giveaway!  It's pretty simple.  All you have to do to win 1 of 5 $100 USD Visa Giftcards is to use the nifty little rafflecopter below and follow instructions.  It would also help if you followed the Think Tank through Google Friend Connect and liked the brand new Think Tank Fan Page!   The contest ends 21 Dec , where winners will be drawn and notified. The more you do, the more times you're entered! Simple!  Good Luck everyone! (Please wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load, or click the link!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 November 2012

Eyeko Skinny Mini Duo

Don't let that giant photo with no frame of reference up there fool you.  This duo may be skinny.  It may be mini.  But I defy you to find another set of well performing duos for $16.  Serious.  Except for maybe Han Solo and Chewbacca, but I doubt they would sell themselves for such a steal.  They be hustla's, yo.

Just in case you couldn't tell what was in the box.  I photographed the products.  Cuz I'm a good little blogger.
So this review is brought to you by the letter E (read: E is for Eyeko).  And it comes to you in two parts.  The first part being the conveniently sized travel Skinny Liner.  And the second in the also conveniently sized Skinny Brush Mascara.  It's all so damned... convenient of Eyeko to just bring these two together for us. It's like they knew naming two products virtually the same thing would destine them for a future as a great duo-dom.  And also as a great play on words.

Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Liner

The full size of this kicks ass.  I've waxed poetic about it on the Think Tank before.  I dig two things about it, which coincidentally make it a high performer in my book, its super BLACKand I can get great control of the product with the nib.  It's felt tipped and if stored upside down flows smoothly, evenly and makes it easy to get a bitchin' liner job down.

The Nib of Skinny Mini.
Size comparison.
Top is Skinny, Bottom is Skinny Mini.
As you can see by making Skinny mini they shrunk the size of the nib, making it great for more delicate and finely lined lids.  It's also great for touch ups and getting into hard to reach areas of your eyeballs, like the inner corners and between the lashes.  But there is a stroke difference between the two products, so this is not a 100% same just smaller product in terms of performance.

Skinny Brush Mascara

This mascara is lengthening, and it does it fabulously. In fact its the perfect finishing mascara (because I am one of those freakish people who need such a thing - don't working, I'm working on my mascara manifesto, you'll find out what the eff I'm talking about soon enough).  It's ultra black, its great for lengthening the tips and layers over other products beautifully.  The brush is nice because it isn't trying to separate each lash, it's just trying to get more product efficiently onto the lashes for the flutteriest (and falsest) lash look you can muster with just mascara.

The brush...... Yeah.
Love these two.  Seriously the best things I've purchased from Sephora in a while.  And I've been going through a string of just dud products lately.  So thank you Eyeko! For being mini-sized awesome!

19 November 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Palette

So, I'm going to be kind a cruel.  Because this palette is not carried by Sephora anymore.  And technically, it's sorta asshole-y of me to flaunt it.  Take pictures of it.  Show the pretty colors.  Probe the true nature of the eyeshadow texture and color payoff.  Talk about how disappointed I was in this.....  Yeah.  That's why I don't feel bad about doing this.  That sentiment I held in the last Faves & Fails about how I lusted over this palette, but it was still Sephora brand makeup and you could only dress it up so much rang true for this palette.  But that's not say that it's not worth pic-spamming you.  If only it could have been....


The box is really pretty.  Very minimal with a vibrant accent.
All of the shades have handy little Pantone numbers.  Which is nice. Because having to name 35 individual shadows with unique-cool names, I imagine, is somewhat of a bitch.
All the pretty colors!

Now do we see why I'm sorta over it?
I'm going to pause here in the spammage to clarify the reason why I dislike this palette.  When I swatched those shadows I tried to pick shades that were a nice cross section of the palette.  I was expecting for a few of them to be mediocre.  But literally.  ALL of them were.  Maybe the age of the palette had something to do with it, but all of the shades were hard and the color payoff was less than ideal.  When I tried and eye look with the palette, everything just blended together and became muddy.  I wasn't impressed.  I was glad that I bought it in the VIB sale, because even discounted to $17, 35 crap shadows is not worth it.  The formulation of all of them was just... weak.  Which is unfortunate because it is a great color selection.

Yes my hair always is some sort of sticky uppy cray.

But the mirror.  Now that is nice.  It's huge. A nice magnifcation, and great for getting up close and personal with your face. The mirror is awesomesauce.

So... this isn't available anymore.... and that's not so unfortunate as it were.  There currently is another Sephora+Pantone Universe palette, it's some kind of metallic collection.  Which seems cool, but I'm not gonna jump again.  I've learned my lesson with the Pantone products.

16 November 2012

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Round Up!

Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report!

Olivia from the Unknown Beauty Blog analyzes and demystifies the Perfect Eyeshadow Application.

Rachel from Rachel's Makeup and Skincare shares her two favorite face masks.

Harriet from Little Miss Student Beauty reviews Soap & Glory's scrub and mask combo! 

Lola from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog reviews Shannon's Soaps Lavender Mint Balm.

Jeneille of the Vincy Beauti Blog answers the "Why Do You Wear Make-up" Tag.

Lindsay of the Beauty Think Tank reviews NARS Sheer Matte Foundation!

If you would like to be featured in a future Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report please contact Lindsay at beautythinktank(at)gmail(dot)com.

Science Fridays! Frangipani

Ok, so I'm not going to talk about a chemical compound.  I am going to talk about a flower, which is a plant, and because it is part of the natural world, falls into the science category.  The intersection with beauty in this case is that Frangipani, or Plumeria, as it's commonly known, is used A LOT in fragrance  manufacturing.

Oh look! So pretty!
Indigenous to Central America, Plumeria is more commonly associated with tropical locations.  More specifically Hawaii.  Of note, Plumeria plants have sap that irritates the skin and produce more fragrance at night to seduce moths to pollinate them.  If you're wearing Plumeria on your person, you can advertise your availability to all of the sexy islanders depending upon which ear you place the flower over.  Right ear - You're looking.  Left ear - You're taken.  Kinda like Polynesian Claddagh Rings.


- In The Picture of Dorian Grey, by the ever dapper Oscar Wilde, the wife of Lord Henry is referenced to smelling like frangipani.  Using it as a posthumous reminder because she "lingers" about the house.

- In the South Pacific, Plumeria's are associated with funerals, death and ghosts.

- Plumeria's are the national flowers of Laos and Nicaragua (random, right?)


Apparently, in the 1500s, an Italian marquess made the first perfume from plumeria and called it Frangipani.  Which was the family name, Frangipanni.  And is the reason Frangipani = Plumeria.

It is a sweet, heady floral.  When you smell beachy perfumes, it is generally a top note, lending a lightness and femininity to the scent.  It compliments other tropical scents and flowers well, and is often used in combination.


- Pink Frangipani by Lucy B.
- Frangipanni Gloves by Ayala Sender
- Frangipani by Ormonde Jayne
- Hawaiian Plumeria by Aloha Beauty
- Frangipane by Chantecaille
- Kenzo Amour Florale by Kenzo


Please reference Plumerias.com for more Plumeria facts and fandom.

14 November 2012

A Peek Into the Gallery: My Black Lipstick Collection

I missed the whole rebellious goth phase in high school.  But that isn't to say that I didn't have it.  It just sort of hit later than normal.  What can I say, I'm a late bloomer.  Anyways, I meant to post this on Halloween, but I forgot.  So, I'm posting it now!  Better late than never right?

From L to R: YSL Pur Gloss in Black, MAC Midnight Media Mattene, Urban Decay Oil Slick
Two of these are Limited Editions.  And they are crazy old.  YSL Gloss Pur Black, I want to say came out in 2008, it's lost it's pretty scent, and to be truthful I never wear it.  But it's the only YSL item I own, and I just can't bear to part with it. Even if it sort of smells like funky plastic.  MAC Midnight Media Mattene came out with the MAC Style Black collection in 2009.  This was when I was in my MAC fixation, and I HAD TO HAVE THIS.  The Urban Decay Oil Slick Lipstick is the one I wear most often, because it's pretty sheer.  In fact you can't tell that it's black when it's on my lips.

SWATCH! Top to Bottom: YSL Gloss Pure Black, MAC Midnight Media Mattene, UD Oil Slic LS
I think that the black lips trend is no longer en Vogue, but I have them for posterity.  One day I will use them again!

13 November 2012

Birchbox - November

Birchbox November 2012


Give! But it's more likely that it's Organic themed, as three of the 5 products are from organic beauty brands.


Very fast, give the fact that Birchbox was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I got my box remarkably fast.  And very on point with the Birchbox timeline.  So, good on you Birchbox!

Favorite Sample

The Mox Organics Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter.  Granted, its potted. And if you don't get a good grip on the lid, good luck unscrewing it, but the product itself is nice.  Really moisturizing and weirdly leaves my lips feeling more voluptuous and lush looking once used.

Least Favorite Sample

The One Love Organics Rose Aromatic Body Serum. This was shipped in a separate little baggie, because it leaks.  The reason that I'm not a fan of this product is because it smells like roses.  I just don't care for rose scented things.

The Underperforming Sample

Model Co Fibre LASHEXTEND Mascara.  It's really dry, and isn't black enough.  On it's own it doesn't bulk the lashes hardly at all, just maybe slightly lengthens them.  It also doesn't layer that well with other mascaras.  I was disappointed by this. 

The Rest

I don't feel one way or another about them.  The Hair Powder, I feel is inappropriately packaged to be truly effective.  And the Artisan Perfume sample, well... I just... I just don't know how I feel about it.  It smells nice, but it's not something that I am going to just rush out to buy.

12 November 2012

FOTD: Bond Girl Severine

I saw Skyfall three times this weekend.  THREE.  And I cried at the end of every one.  CRIED.  Ok.  I loooovvvveee me some James Bond.  But what struck me about the Bond Girl Severine was her make-up.  Which, should strike everyone, because her face (and short lived presence in the plot) was amazingly made up in her pivotal scene.  The Makeup Artist really walked the fine line of almost too much makeup. For, Bernice Marlohe's sake, her face can take an insane amount of product. And I give her props, because she wore the makeup, the makeup didn't wear her.  And even more curious, and pleasing, was that the makeup added to her character, which was uncannily fragile given the circumstances which she and Bond meet. And also, uncannily gave her the appearance of a dyed in the wool Dragon Lady.  I loved her makeup (and her) so, so, so much!

Severine and the shit ton of makeup she has on.
What I like about the look is the strong lip, strong eye, bare face trifecta going on.  Which suits me fine. I don't care overly much for blush, and while Severine is probably wearing it, it's very minimal.  The lip depending upon the angle in the film, or the still, you look at is very much full on vamp.  It's red.  It's dark.  It's probably layers of products, given the overall voluptuous look of it, with a pinked red liner, red filled in and darker plum almost stain overtop. It's crazy.  The eyes are black and smoky. Angled to complement her own eye shape, with deep rivulets of black in the inner corners. In the film, this can be slightly distracting to observe, but it doesn't detract from the look overall.


I have an insane amount of product on.  Literally.  It's intense.

I first laid down a black gel/creme base, rather hapahazardly onto the lid and buffed it upwards towards the crease, being very conscientious to NOT wing the shape out. Then I used a thick angled brush and a matte black shadow to trace in the wing into the upper crease.  Once there I gently drug the line parallel to the lashes across the top of the crease.  Then I blended the crap out of it, to make it a less harsh line and promote the soft and diaphanous shape the eye seems to have.  Onto the lid I packed the same black onto the lid and blended some more.  The underneath was a very soft, smudgeable charcoal pencil drawn along the bottom, blended out.  I packed EVEN MORE black on the underneath and blended as well.  I kohl rimmed my eyes with a black pencil, and highlighted the brow with a dense fluffy brush packed with a light yellow toned shadow.  Then.  Mascara.  Approximately 12 coats, and I'm not even kidding.  Finished off, with GIANT Brows.
- Tarte EmphasEYES Amazonian Clay Creme Liner in Black
- UD Blackout and Foxy Eyeshadows
- UD 24/7 Smudgeproof Liner in Perversion
- Revlon Grow Luscious in Graphite
- Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Liner in Black
- Benefit They're Real! Mascara
- Eyeko of London Skinny Brush Mascara
- Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Brunette


Don't even bother doing your base until you've done the eyes.  I didn't experience a ton of fallout, but you may want to clean up a tiiiiny bit with a makeup wipe under the eyes if you are deepset and dark-circle-y.  The face I took a new approach to, that I am certain I will be continuing with in the future, because I truly dug the effect.  I mixed equal parts of L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer with MAC Face & Body.  I blended them on the back of  my hand until the amalgam had thickened, then applied it to my face using a Real Techniques stippling brush, and buffed it in.  Then I applied another layer of just the thickened MAC & Body.  The over all effect was very lifted, luminous and dewy with out being greasy or shiny.  Then I hit the concealer.  Hard. I started off with Maybelline Fit Me in 25, blended and used to shape the outer corner as a base concealer.  Once it was mostly dry, I applied a little of Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller in Medium/ Deep on the inner corners and into the most recessed areas of my under eyes.  THEN (yeah I used every concealer in my arsenal) I took MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC25 in the "Triangle of Light" Formation.  Finally, I contoured the cheeks using a dark red/ bronze cream stick and the Real Techniques foundation brush.  A touch of highlighting with Illamasqua Halcyon and a good set with a finishing powder and boom! Face.  Done.

I couldn't help myself.  This picture is hilarious.

I just picked products and started to layer and blend until I felt I had gotten the shade right.  I started with Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Stain Gel in Flouron so the base stayed red/pink instead of pulled muddy.  Added some Revlon Balm Stain in Romantic, to push the pink more into the red.  From there I blended on MAC Nightmoth Lipliner into the balm to start darkening it.  On top, to get it to pull brown I applied a Wet n'Wild Matte Lipstick in 915C, blotted and blended more Nighmoth into it.  Rinse and repeat until I thought it was dark enough, then to get the purply hue, I blended Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in 04 over top.  Really I just applied the thickest layer I could, and blended more with a lip brush to keep it from looking more even and less caked on.

Yeah.  This is a ton, ton, ton of makeup.  It took me almost an hour to do and do well.  But, overall, I'm pleased.

Disclaimer: I'm not a makeup artist.  I have no excessive technical skill with makeup.  I just tried to recreate what I saw.

11 November 2012

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

NARS Sheer Matte

NARS Sheer Matte is a foundation that I have been loving lately.  And since I had photographed a TON of pictures of it, I decided to make a beauty set!  If you like the format of this post, and want to see more like it in the future, leave a comment! 

09 November 2012

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Round Up!

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If you would like to be featured in a future Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report, please e-mail Lindsay at beautythinktank(at)gmail(dot)com.

Faves and Fails: Friday Edition!

Ohmai.  Remember this?  Yeah.  I let it go... cuz I'm bringin' it back.  So, first off HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!  Yay! *throws confetti*  ON TO THE AIRING OF THE GRIEVANCES!

But first, the FAVES!

Benefit They're Real! Mascara -  I freely admit to having been living under a rock about this.  A giant rock.  Because this mascara is UH-MAY-ZING.  Its great for bulking the lashes while keeping them separated and defined.  It layers well, and dries really fast.

from Sephora.com

Eyeko of London Skinny Mascara - This is my new favorite finishing mascara (I will have a complete post on my mascara philosophy at some point, don't worry).  Its ULTRA black and lengthening.  Great for topping off nicely separated and volumized lashes.  It just gives them a nice, fluttery look.

from Sephora.com


I'm not sure what it is with me and foundations lately but I feel like I've tried them all.  So there isn't really one product that failed me this week/ month/ period since the last Faves & Fails.  It's the whole I can't find the right foundation for me.  I've tried drugstore, high end, mineral.... I just... I dunno what I'm looking for.  Actually, that's a lie. I do. I'm looking for a foundation that looks like skin, that leaves my nose with less obvious pores. I want it to brighten, and I want it to stay.  I also don't want it to make me look dry.  And I can honestly say, in all of my ventures, I'm still not sold yet on any one brands new wonder foundation.  I keep going back to MAC Face & Body, just because it's what I have on hand.  I just wish it had a tiiiinnny bit more coverage.


The Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Palette

I've wanted this palette since it debuted.  I just didn't want to pay $48 for it.  Because seriously, it's still Sephora brand.  They can only dress it up so much.  That being said - Sephora did something crazy.  They discounted this palette to $17.  I KNOW, RIGHT!?! So, I snapped it up as a part of my VIB Sale order.  I can't wait to get it in.  I'm slowly getting back into colorful eyeshadow to keep my look feminine and edgy.  So hopefully this will help! (Which, apparently is no longer available on their website).


It's Queens of the Stone Age's song Go With the Flow.  It's just been resonating with me lately.  The introspective melancholy/ resolve in it has been my whole inner dialogue lately.  But, in it's own right, it's a very cool song.


I'm swinging back into a classics phase.  Mainly because in high school, I never read anything for English class if I didn't absolutely have to.  Then I was a science major in college, so once I took my Basic Comp class and my Modern History class, I never really read a serious book throughout the rest of my academic career.  But make no mistake.  That doesn't mean I don't read.  So, I have three classic lit books on rotation that I have been flitting to and fro between.   They are:
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
I know. How damned random of me.  But in the defense of Jane Eyre, I love Jane Eyre.  So, everytime I read old skool lit, I always revisit this fave of mine from the clan of the Sister's Bronte.


I am very liberal in my personal life.  I try to keep it to myself (mostly) and not let it bleed through here.  Although, if you were on Twitter/ and follow me on Twitter during the debates... things went a little sideways.  However, I am happy and pleased to announce that Maryland, the state I reside in, voted to legalize gay marriage by public referendum (for civil liberties reasons) a.k.a. Question 6 on the 2012 Presidential Election Ballot.  Maryland is traditionally a Blue/ Dem/ Liberal state, but I am so happy that it's legal here!


Yeah.  Tomorrow.  Me.  Movie Theatre.  9 Foot Tall Daniel Craig cum James Bond.  Bucket o' Popcorn.  Deliriously Happy Expression.  BECAUSE OF SKYFALL! :D

Oooohhh yyyeeaaahhh!

08 November 2012

Sephora VIB Sale

So.  Today kicks off the Sephora VIB Sale.  Which, if you're a VIB/BI means that Sephora is having a sale!  More specifically, a 20% everything sale using the code: CELEBRATE online.  So, even though it's not the traditional website crashing, pandemonium inducing, lemming list plotting, be all, end all F and F sale.  It's still the same discount offered to the employees for the 2012 FF Sale.  So, it's pretty much an FF sale.  There may be some exclusions... but I sort of have my VIB status until 31 Dec 2013, so I didn't pay that close of  attention to the fine print.  Anyways, happy shopping!

06 November 2012

A Peek Into The Gallery: Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2

I'm surprised there isn't a Naked 3, the way there was like 10 million Book of Shadows.  I think the original Naked Palette by Urban Decay is still the more popular of the two.  However, Naked2 is my favorite.  I enjoy the color selection in it much better.  Both palettes are completely neutral, with a mix of frost and matte, warm and cool tones.  But you're not really here for the review.  You're here for some gold old fashioned eyeshadow pr0n. Dirty Birdies.


The Original Naked looks busted because it's velvet.  Embossed Velvet.  Not the best for being toted around and traveled with.
I don't buy makeup to keep it pristine.  I USE it.  Naked 2 on top, Naked on the bottom.
The Original Naked
 From Left to Right

- Virgin
- Sin
- Naked
- Sidecar
- Buck
- Half Baked
- Smog
- Darkhorse
- Toasted
- Hustle
- Creep
- Gunmetal

Naked 2
- Foxy
- Half Baked
- Booty Call
- Chopper
- Tease
- Snakebite
- Suspect
- Pistol
- Verve
- Busted
- Blackout

Half Baked appears twice, and there are similar colors between the palettes, but overall - I'm pleased with them :).