02 October 2012

Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  I've had this cleanser for a while, and honestly, wasn't too impressed.  Given that the following is what it promises to do (as excerpted from the Victoria's Secret Website, the retailer whom I purchased this product from): 

This creamy, foaming cleanser gets rid of bumps, breakouts, clogged pores and irritation that can be caused by stress-related increases in hormone levels and oil production. Refreshes and soothes chronically stressed skin with the purest Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial minerals. Mild formula detoxifies and purifies without stripping skin of its natural moisture, restoring balance and glow. Free from harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens and sulfates, with packaging designed to be 90% recyclable. skyn ICELAND®, winner of the 2007 CEW Indie Beauty Award. Domestic. 5 oz.

Essential Ingredients:
  • Oat and amino acid-based surfactants provide extra gentle cleansing
  • Cylindrica seed oil helps repair skin's lipid barrier and fights free radicals
  • Icelandic kelp revitalizes skin and helps fight inflammation
  • White willow bark soothes irritation and helps provide antibacterial protection
Combo Oily/ Normal/ Dry on the edges of the face.  Large pores on nose and nosewings, prone to clogging and blackhead development.  Milia tend to form around hairline and jawline, and I get the occaisional cystic bump when my Aunt Flo says hi!
I tend to like basic skin care.  Not too many ingredients or fancy pants crap.  Just a good cleanser that CLEANS and moisturizers that MOISTURIZE. I don't need ABCDEFG ingredient or product benefit.  If I use exfoliators they are chemical based, and I tend to prefer mud masks and oil cleansing (sometimes) to remove makeup.


 - It cleansed, ok.  The formula was thicker than I expected.  I had the product in a pump canister, and the pump was MORE than enough for your entire face and neck.  It was almost too much, to be honest.  And I never felt that it washed cleanly from my face.  The texture of my skin afterwards was sort of interesting, like it was smoothed over but I still had some drag as I caressed my face.
- As far as pore size goes.  This did virtually nothing.  It wasn't a deep clean, or even a remarkable clean.  My pores didn't get smaller or less filled with dirt because of this product.  Which runs counter to the claim that this cleanser is designed to give you nice pores.  

- This also didn't improve the texture of my skin, or make me look younger.  Personally, I believe this is because it's not formulated with any kind of mild chemical exfoliant.  So theres nothing actually tightening your pores, getting rid of extra dead skin cells or breaking up the dirt outside of the detergent.

- The cleanser it self for having glacial waters in it, it's fluidy.  There's no indication that water was formulated into it.  There are, however, small microbeads of... stuff.  But what it is or how it works is not easily discernible.

from Victoria's Secret
I would recommend this product to a person who wants to pay $30 for extra gentle cleansing.  And by extra gentle, I mean barely detectable.

It's marketed to be one of those new wave, all natural, recycled, new wave kind of products, but personally. I don't buy it.

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