11 October 2012


Please do not post the link to your blog on my blog, EVEN IN THE COMMENTS

I have deleted several comments recently.  Primarily, because my blog is not free advertising for your blog.  If you would like to be featured on The Beauty Think Tank, please e-mail me and I can include you in the Up & Coming Beauty Bloggers Weekly Report.  If you want to leave your link on my blog, please message me and follow me on Google Friend Connect, so that I know you are a reader and a follower.  All other comments will be deleted and moderated at my discretion. 

Thank you for reading.

The Brain, The Beauty Think Tank


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah. I feel awkward being this up front about it, but I don't understand how people don't see how it can be interpreted as rude. What if I don't know you and don't want to be associated? Especially on comments that are very innocuous, it's almost like you know that they only left the comment to leave their link.

    2. They DEFINITELY leave comments that are only to drive traffic to their blog. I once blog spammed Allison (amarixe's) blog, but it was a direct link to a post I had done that answered questions she was asking... and I still feel bad about it. But "nice color. HERE'S MY BLOG LINK - CHECK IT OUT" comments are not constructive, relevant, or remotely necessary.

    3. I feel like in that case it would be ok. It's the latter that gives me eye twitches.