23 October 2012

LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst

This is going to be a little quick review.  Mainly because I only used this product a handful of times before I cut my hair, and now find it too much for my short do.  So, I will tell you this.  This is an interesting product.  It's a root spray, that's for all over your head.  It gives lift at the root and body to the hair shaft.  I would actually say that this is not a product for those with short hair, mainly because it really lifts the hair shaft, and if you overdo it with this product, you will literally stick your hair up on end all over.

For those with longer hair, this product is fantastic.  When I had my longer side, a spritz closer the roots gave me awesome volume that no other product I have tried ever did.  Which was amazing.  And the best part was, I could control the results to some reasonable degree of success.  Which for me meant really lifted roots/ crown area, and sleek and smooth sides.

I've used this on my sisters hair, who has fine, but plentiful follicles cut just below her collarbone with long layers and it worked great! I spritzed in it and blew her hair out and she was left with volumized and lifted but SOFT hair.  Which is the best part about this product, it really leaves no residue in the hairshaft, it penetrates and lifts.

The downside, similarly, is that even though this is supposed to be moisturizing, it did dry my hair out a bit.  And it's really easy to overdo it with the product.  If you have fine hair, less is more. Give it a few spritzes, comb it in and blow dry.  Thicker/ Oilier hair can definitely take on more of this.

It's also worth mentioning the true intentions of this product, and that is in the age of the straight and sleek do's who's waves have been smoothed out with a flat iron, LiQWd found that the volume was always crushed out of it as well.  So, the Professional Volumizing Catalyst was meant to be the answer.  Have smooth strands and your bouncy volume, too.  (Like the Marie Antoinette of the styling world).

Also, Also.  This stuff smells amazing.  Like Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works, but slightly less sweet.

I ordered this from Birchbox (and tried it as a sample in my August box) and loved it enough that I bought the full size (to use when I grow my hair back out again).  This normally retails for $22, but with a selective application of Birchbox points you can score the luxely packaged full size for less!

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