16 October 2012

Fume Hood: Lady Gaga Fame

from Sephora.com

Gotta admit - I'm not a huge celebrity fragrance perfume hound.  In fact, a celebrity endorsing a scent pretty much guarantees my complete and utter lack of attention.  I wouldn't be reviewing this fragrance now if fate hadn't stepped in by way of a Sephora sales associate, who slipped the nifty little sample into my Sephora bag.  And because I sense opportunity, here we are.

Let's examine the bottle, shall we?  Right off the bat I'm reminded of Thierry Mugler.  In fact, I was fairly certain she was going to be ripping Mugler off.  I prepared for it.  I actually probably wouldn't have minded that.  What I like about the bottle, is that it looks like a legitimate fragrance vessel.  A bit Art Deco, no overly gaudy emblazoning of the name or the brand on it, a liquidly black fragrance on the inside.  I wouldn't be ashamed of displaying this publicly, because most people would just see the pretty bottle.  So, yay.  I'm happy with the bottle.

So, I want you picture in your mind what you would imagine Lady Gaga would smell like.  Are you imagining that?  Ok.  No I cannot give you brain bleach.  BUT, if I were to base what I think this scent would smell like on the bottle and Miss Gaga herself, I imagine it probably would have the following notes.  Cigarettes, Cassis, Ambroxen and a touch of Oud.  Something completely random, slightly sweaty and musky, and maybe a touch of booze.  What I would expect this to smell like given perfume trends and Lady Gaga's penchant for Meat Dresses and Egg Pods is something metallic, sharp lavendery, and earthen.  Which, I mean if anyone is going to make old people and dirt smell sexy with a reasonable degree of success, I would imagine it would be her.

So we've established that whatever this smells like we need to brace ourselves, because it's gonna be distilled strange.


Got it.

SO WTF is this doing smelling like a Victoria's Secret knockoff fragrance!?!  Granted, a slightly more refined and expensive Victoria's Secret fragrance... but still.  Talk about a mindfuck. It's sweet and fruity and bouncy and girly.  Kind of like a sorority girl on her second pomegranate martini.  Still together, but the sauce is making her think that the guy in the corner with the lazy eye would be a good decision, and maybe lightly sweating in the bar crush. 

God, was I dissapointed.  I mean it smells like a stereotypical celebrity fragrance.  Sure it has a bit more of dark heavy base, but the mid and top notes are sweet and floral, and everything melds so nicely and harmonizes so beautifully.  It's remiscent more of her early pop music in scent form that her current crazy faced incarnation.

For clarification these are the scent notes:

Belladonna, Incense, Apricot, Honey Drops, Tiger Orchidea, Jasmin Sambac.

Incense is the smokey base. Jasmin Sambac the floral resin.  Apricot and Honey Drops are the almost cloying sweetness.  And the Belladona and Tiger Orchid the floral.

I mean, I can see how this is going to be popular.  It's a functionally sexy scent, formulated with unique ingredients that are very trendy in fragrance now.  But...

This is still no flipping meat dress.

This is available at fine (read department store) retailers everywhere.

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