15 October 2012

Drive By Swatching: NARS Andy Warhol + MUFE Aqua Liners

This was supposed to be an Mblog, but I figured, since I already gifted y'all with Revlon French Roast as an Mblog - I'd legitimately post this series of swatches.  There are two products featured here - the NARS Larger than Life Lipglosses (Two from the Andy Warhol coffret, and two full sized but released in the Andy Warhol Collection) and then some lesser swatched MUFE Aqua Eyeliners.  Onto the swatches!

The two vertical lipgloss swatches are Hollywoodlawn and Penny Arcade.  The two horizontal swatches are from the Andy Warhol Kiss Coffret.  The top is Chelsea Girls and the bottom is Silver Factory.  The MUFE swatches are as follows, top to bottom: 18L, 5L, 24L, 2L, 19L.

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