22 October 2012

Birchbox - October

Oh! It's October? Time for another Birchbox!  And hey, the month is almost over, but not quite.  I guess my spot on the shipping manifest slipped because I didn't get this box until last Friday.  Then, I spent the entire weekend playing with the goodies, and there were some product samples I LOVED from this box.

This month was kinda light.  It wasn't as awesomely packaged or themed as past months boxes, but that's to be expected.  You can't get what you want ALL the time (but if you try sometimes, you just might findddd...).  That being said I really enjoyed almost all of the products in this months box.

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

from Birchbox.com
This was the big snooze of the box.  No where in my Birchbox profile do I specify that I have curly hair.  So not sure why I received this.  In fact, the instructions for use give specific, detailed instructions for how to use this product in curly hair.  So for my short, color treated, slightly wavy hair - I'm not sure if it will work for me, and if I'll ever use it.  The otherside of this sample is that I've seen this literally everywhere.  It's always a Sephora BI gift either online or at my store, and I see it everywhere.  It's just not for my hair type. That, and it was packaged in a crappy little cardboard sachet with a rip off top, which makes it impossible to keep around.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

from Birchbox.com
An eyeshadow sized sample of a shimmery, almost frosty, champagned toned highlighter was what I received.  And for all of my apprehension about the perma-frost, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this powder is super finely milled.  So, on the skin it just glows.  It's a gorgeous highlight for someone with my skintone.  Very candlelit and beautiful.  I also really like that the sample came with a magnetic snap closure.  Definitely a great, great sample.

Lucy B Cosmetics Roll On Perfume Oil Duo

from Birchbox.com
Straight from the Oz, two complimentary perfume oils that are meant to be worn individually or mixed for a different fragrance profile.  Now, what I definitely like about these, is that they are the first fragrance oil that I've tried that actually has staying power and throw.  Another, thing I dig about these is that, while they have throw, it's not overpowering in a knock you on your ass kind of way, it just smells nice.  Like you naturally smell like warm coconut and Australian botanicals.  The scent I really dig, and have been compulsively wearing is the Pink Frangipani oil, which on me, smells predominantly of warm coconut and heady frangipani, which sounds over bearing, but in oil form, it's really tempered to your skin and it smells femininely sexy.  I love these duos, I can't wait to purchase the full size.

Vitivia: Pro-Vitamin Capsules (Vitamin C & Vitamin A15)

from Birchbox.com

Ahhh the good old Antioxidant.  These are nice.  I've never used antioxidant capsules before, and what I am surprised about, with these, is the texture.  It's very thick, and feels like it's laden with silica.  Maybe to bind everything together?  I'm not sure.  One thing I noticed on the paper card is that it said embryolisseusa.com.  So, we now won't have to resort to Ebay to get our Embryolisse fix, yes?

LUNA Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

from Birchbox.com

This is full sized.  And since I am looking to inject more protein in my diet, I will take it.  However, I'm dubious.  The lemon LUNA bar tastes like sadness and fail.  I will report back on my thoughts.


I was e-mailed on 10 Oct that this had shipped and didn't receive the box until nine days later.  The shipping tracking link I was given never updated the entire time, so I had no idea when this would hit my doorstep.  So, a bit of a downgrade for this box.  But I have hope the next box will be better.

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