04 September 2012

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara Cat Eyes

Is anyone else mildly amused by how long product names are?  Its like word vomit.  Boggle with product names.  Seriously hilarious.  Anyways - I love drugstore mascara.  It's cheap, it's effective and you don't feel deep shame when you own 12 tubes of it. (Notice the absence of the Oxford comma. You're welcome.)  This new little ditty I saw at Walmart and purchased for a whopping 5 dollars.  Yeah. I know - 5 bucks! Heck yes!

It's yellow and its got Cheetah print!
When the original Colossal Volum' Express came out, it was my favorite drugstore mascara.  The thin formula was ultra black and I could layer the crap out of it and get really nice lashes.  My personal mascara MO.  The main difference between Cat Eyes and the original, is that this formula lengthens more, and volumizes slightly less.  It doesn't super bulk your lashes, more just makes them overall look better.  The other difference is the brush - It's a bendy, spiky, spoon shaped brush.

A bent, spiky brush + thin formula = great for layering mascara.
If I can't get a giant, rubbery, spiky brush - I'll take this one instead.  It works really well for getting product onto the lashes, getting them evenly coated, and then allowing you to go back once the first layer is semi-set and adding another healthy coating, and another healthy coating, and another healthy coating.  (Like bacon strips - but you know, for your eyelashes?) It's also worth mentioning the following two things. It smells like overwhelmingly of roses (akin to what I described roses to smell like in Anna Sui products), and the formula is ultra black.

More length, less bulk, but ULTRA Black.
For 5 bucks, Cat Eyes is a versatile enough product.  You can layer it, to lengthen, and use it to finish the lashes because of the inky darkness of the mascara.  It gets the job done and you can't fault it for that.  Other, more expensive mascaras would like to make the same claim.  You can find this mascara wherever Maybelline is sold.


  1. I love the cheetah print on the cap! :) I may have to look this one up when I finish up one of my many mascaras (I have too many open right now! lol) BTW, do they make this version in waterproof?

    1. I haven't seen it yet. I just randomly came across this tube thrown haphazardly on the bottom of a duster at Walmart. I imagine that, if it sells, it probably will have a waterproof version at some point?

  2. I might have to look into this! I love how the brush is curved like that, remind me of Maybelline's XXL curl.

  3. Yes there is a Waterproof version of this! I seen it at WalMart tonight!