06 September 2012

Mail Call: Urban Decay Sale

So, this may be old news, but - it is still newsworthy.  Around the middle of August, Urban Decay posted a cryptic Facebook message/ tweet - that essentially alluded to an extensive sale they were having on their website.  Not an FF Sale, mind you.  Just a sale, a typical sale that they usually have, but with extended items.  Never being one to shy away from the cheap and the cheerful - I took a look, and this is what I purchased.

Pocket Rocket Lipgloss, Matte Eyeshadow, Lipstick
The Pocket Rocket Lipgloss is a cool-toned caramel nude color in Kirk.  This stuff smells so WEIRD, but it is very shiny, a good basic gloss for when you just don't feel like wearing lipstick.  Weird side note, the pheromones in this gloss make my dog go crazy, and he tries to lick it off his face.  This was $8.

The Urban Decay Matte Shadow is in the shade Secret Service, and is a pretty basic soft, grey toned medium brown. I thought it would be good for brows, or as a crease shade to blend out smokier looks.  The shadow is finely milled, soft in texture and blends great.  This was $9.

UD LS in Oil Slick, Nails Inc Basil St.

The Lipstick is Oil Slick.  I seriously couldn't help myself.  It's a great fall lipstick, because while black, it is sheer.  So you can just use it like a traditional Hue, and darken your lips - but with an edge.  I used in my Birthday FOTD.  This was $8.

And here are the swatches!

From Top: Oil Slick, Kirk, Secret Service.
Shipping was reasonable.  I paid $6 for standard ground, and even with the three day delay (which was clearly stated on the website at purchase), I received my order in 4 days.  Included with it was a $5 off coupon for the next time I wanted to shop at UrbanDecay.com.


  1. I am going to try Oil Slick, it is not what I imagined to look like on the lips. It looks very natural.

  2. I so wanted to buy some shadow singles. Even filled my cart with 7 of them. Then just couldn't pull the trigger. :( Spent too much at Ulta and Sephora this last week. *cries*