11 September 2012

How To: Maximize Your Birchbox Points/ Shopping Experience

I review Birchbox here on a monthly basis, gleefully unwrapping the little pink box that arrives on my doorstep and cooing over the offerings.  In fact, I generally coo about them all over this blog - check out the label Birchbox, you'll see.  What I'm going to talk to you about is the flipside of the Birchbox subscription service and how to maximize that service to your benefit.  That flipside being the Birchbox store.

The store has the fullsizes of he products available that month in your box, and all of the other boxes put together by Birchbox, and makes them available for purchase.  Basically, you get your Birchbox, find a sample you love and buy the full size of the sample from the Birchbox Store.  It's how its business model works.  And here, my friends is how to make their business model work for you.


1) Birchbox has a rewards program - for every dollar you spend in the Birchbox store, you get the equivalent of $1 Birchbox dollar.  When acquire $100 in Birchbox points, you recieve $10 off a purchase.  And this doesn't roll, it stacks.
2) Every month you get a box, you have the opportunity to review your samples on Birchbox.  1 review = 10 Birchbox points.  So every month, if you diligently review your samples, you have the opportunity to rack up 50 - 70 Birchbox points, without dropping a dime.

3) If you are a loyal subscriber to Birchbox, periodically they send you coupons.  Every three months, they typically send a 20% off coupon, that is good for a week because you are a continuous subscriptee.  The other coupons are typically a points based reward a la spend $50 and get 50 extra Birchbox points.

4) All items, from all boxes that month, are subject to free shipping.  If you purchase a monthly item and non-monthly item, both ship free.

5) You can use your Birchbox Points, Coupon Code and free shipping all together.

6) Birchbox points have a blackout, they expire 1 year from being granted.


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Apres Beach Shine and Wave Spray
Lipstick Queen Medieval
 I had reviewed enough items to acquire $20 to the Birchbox Store, plus! I had a 20% off coupon, plus! the Oribe shipped free.  So, lets break it down shall we?

Screencap from my order to Birchbox.
Essentially, because I was willing to do a little leg work on the website, and wait patiently for the coupons, and ordered smartly - I got a great discount on my order.  This, my friends, is why its worth your while to review things.  You scratch Birchbox's back, they scratch yours, everybody is happy and you end up looking more fabulous!  (Bonus: I got 27 Birchbox points for this order as well!)

Birchbox Wordcount:  23 (24 if you count the title, 25 if you count the label)

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