19 September 2012

Creature Double Feature! Tarte and Soap&Glory Review

Sorry it's been slow lately.  Work has been bogging me down and yucky weather has been keeping me from photographing! To make up for it, I found two products that I photographed but forgot to review, just hiding on my desktop!  SO GUESS WHAT! WE'RE GONNA REVIEW THEM!

Soap&Glory's Trick & Treatment Undereye Concealer + Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Smudgepencil in Golden Black
One product is designed to give you sexy lined eye and sultry smoky lids.  The other is to make it look like you actually get some sleep at night.  Together! Well, they don't really have an awesome additive superpower.


This is a thin light yellow corrector specifically for the the undereyes, with a nice pearlescence and optical diffusers.  It's marketed as an item that you pop on and it depuffs, conceals and brightens.  I'm not so sure it lives up to the claim, but YMMV.  I found that its a step up from concealer and does layer nicely under concealer, but its not strong enough for my caliber of circles.  It's also sorta dry and wears off pretty quickly, which causes your concealer to come off rather quickly as well.
Top - SGTTUC .  Bottom - MAC Mineralize Concealer NW25.
As you can see from the swatches, it's a bit light for me.  I wouldn't think anyone who was darker than an NC30 could use this effectively.  The bottom is my usual concealer.

Tarte EmpasEYES Amazonian Clay Smudge Pencil ($25)

At its heart is a chubby, black shadow pencil.  With product at one end and a smudger pencil on the other.  The whole Amazonian Clay line from Tarte, is supposed to be long wearing, once the product sets it's there type of thing. I mainly use this to draw a thin line and then smudge it quickly, to subtley define the eyes. My one gripe is that the pencil sets too fast and I can't get it to smudge enough for my liking.

Smudge Test Before - Left Tarte, Right MAC Black Line Intense Pearlglide
In the smudge test, the Tarte sets in about 30 second and the only thing that truly displaces is the glitter.  Meanwhile, Black Line is much creamier and easier to blend and get a nice smudged liner look.


So, you know how I do.  It tested these products out! BY WEARING THEM FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME! DUH!
Fresh and poppin' (w/ concealer).  Hour Zero.
Hour 8.

The Tarte pencil fades.  For being budgeproof, it's not evaporate-off-my-face proof.  It's not terrible, but it's not great either, and for 25 USD, I simply just expect better.  The treatment has lost a ton of its brightness and lifting power.  I'm less than impressed.  But, since the opportunity presented itself... lets see how I apply the Trick and Treatment!

Dab. Dab. Dab.
I always apply the majority of the product on the inner half of my underye and towards my nose, because that its the darkest part of my circles. I pat on probably way more than necessary, and then blend it out with my ring finger.

The darkness is concealer, and my lines are smoothed over, but it doesn't magically erase my circles or trick them off my face.  They are still their.  I can still see them.  The layer of product doesn't completely cover them up.  It's layering the concealer over top that makes this product a bit better, but really? I mean, maybe if you had baby circles or were paler than the moon would you see a massively, appreciable difference when using this product.

Overall, there are two better and different products on the market that are cheaper and perform better than these two.  One is the MAC Black Line Intense Pearlglide Eyepencil ($18.50) - its simply smoother and easier to blend, and sets for longer.  The other is the Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller in Med/ Dark ($8.99) - it's more salmon/ peachy colored and I get more of a concealed/ erased effect using just this product.

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