25 September 2012

A Peek Into the Gallery: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

I'm just gonna show you the LE pretties, and then, when you're done ogling, we'll continue our chat, yes?  Ok!

Top L-->R: MAC Brunette MSF, MAC Hot Planet Mineralized Blush.  Bottom L-->R: MAC Stereo Rose MSF, MAC Refined MSF
Two of these are amazingly, amazingly old.  Like, from 2009 old - and I still have them!  Brunette and Hot Planet were from one of my two favorite MAC Collections ever, Blonde Brunette Redhead and Grand Duos.  I use them quite regularly and I don't think I will ever, ever get rid of them.  The bottom row is from more recent collections.  Stereo Rose I purchased because of the hype surrounding it when it first was released, I called the MAC near my house and reserved the last one available.  When I got to my car I spent fifteen minutes staring at it, and giggling uncontrollably.  I'm sure that is an absolutely normal response to purchasing makeup. DON'T JUDGE ME!  Refined I picked up at a CCO.

From Top to Bottom: Stereo Rose, Hot Planet, Refined, Brunette
I freely admit, it's not a terribly diverse collection.  They all seem to be in the warm coral/ terracotta family.  But I love them all.  That's why they've stayed in my collection for so long. I protect them the way you'd protect a small baby made of make-up, very carefully and with brushes only.  And no trauma.  And no dropping!  Shattering these would probably make me cry.

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