05 August 2012

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System

Every time I look at this product I hear the Rocky theme song "Gonna Fly Now" open in my head... except I hear "You will have amazing lashes NOW!" instead of.. you know.. "Gonna Fly Now".  Basically, The TF Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension system is designed to give you lashes so fierce you don't need falsies.  Or, in my case, make the false lash look more accessible for those that are challenged (read: itimidated) by the beast that is the false eyelash, a la yours truly.

The tools

1) You prime the lashes with the large gold tube of mascara.  

2) Then you apply the nylon fibers to the lash from the little white tube.

3) Then you re-coat the lashes with the gold tube of mascara to seal the fibers onto the lash and give them some extra oomph.

The Step 1 & Step 3 Mascara Wand
The Step 2 Nylon Fiber Wand
Overall, I find the Step 1/ Step 3 mascara very thin.  It gets a nice even coat of product on the lashes, but doesn't go beyond anything other than darkening them.  It doesn't specify if you need to let the first coat dry or not before application, but I just used common sense and applied it when I felt the lashes were tacky.  The third coat, I applied multiple coats of to get the lashes covered, and I didn't feel that the brush carried enough product to get the fibers covered in one coat.  So it takes some finesse to get the final coat on without clumping the lases together.  Also, I find that you don't have to seal the lashes with the mascara provided, I used my UD Big Fatty mascara to the same success.


Just Step 1 - fairly decent mascara, not overly volumizing or lengthening.
Step 2 - Nylon fibers... looks sorta...snowy.
Step 3 - Mascara to seal the fibers in.
I think its a definite improvement over bare lashes and over the primer coat.  There is a definite impression of voluminization at the midshaft and lenghtened tips on the upper lashes.  Does this compete with a set of falsies at this stage... not sure.  I'm inclined to say no.  So, lets get a little cray-cray and apply a second coating!


Step 2 - I skipped step one because I completed it at Step 3 at the end of application 1.
Step 3 - again!
To answer the most obvious question - No.  It does not feel like your eye is being bogged down with a ton of product, nor does it feel like you have  pair of false lashes on.  I liken it to wearing multiple coats of mascara.  If you're a hard core wearer, you won't notice because you're used to wearing mascara.  A novice eye makeup user, however, may notice some extra weight on the eyes.  Also, to answer the second most obvious question - No.  This does not flake off into my eye.  But I have trained myself not to touch my eye area, so that I don't mess my eye makeup up anyway, so this is not a problem for me.  But, if you're going to rub your eye, I don't think this will overly flake off, but I do get the impression that rubbing will give you  a serious case of spiky, stuck together, spider lashes.

I would totally reccomend this product if you are looking for a more natural (read: Believable) version of super sized lashes.  I quite like it, and really enjoy the look it gives my lashes.  I feel comfortable wearing this product with minimal eyemakeup, because the lashes make such a statement (channeling the Emma Watson cover of November British Vogue).  I also like it because, now, I don't feel the need to use a lash primer because the Nylon fibers add such bulk and weight to the lashes.  But again, I don't use this product every day.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System is $35.  So, it is quite pricey., almost on the order of a luxe foundation.  However, if you can hold out for the Sephora F&F Sale in November (if they have it - it's never guaranteed, but they've never not had it in my recollection) or if Too Faced has a sale, you can cinch this for a steal.  You can purchase this, where ever Too Faced Cosmetics are sold.

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