20 August 2012

Things You Can Learn From YouTube: How to look like Honey Rider (aka Ursula Andress)

I love this look.  If I could trade places/ faces/ lifestyles with anyone in the beauty community, I would love to spend a day in the life of Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo.  Especially if she runs around looking like her interpretation of Ursula Andress's James Bond Honey Rider look.

I guess, I should expound on the makeup a tad more.  This look is right up my alley.  It's my stereotypical makeup MO.  Clean, understated base, with a hint of contour.  Light Brows.  Av ant-garde eye makeup that is feminine, but edgy and a hint sultry.  Muted mouth.  This is probably the best possible interpretation of my daily makeup that I could ever muster, EVER.  In fact, I'm sure I will never get it to look this good.  But that doesn't keep me from trying!  Behold the awesome below!

AH.  I love this makeup so much!


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