02 August 2012

Mail Call! Illamasqua Summer Sale

Not too long ago Illamasqua had a summer sale, and since I've never purchased from their UK website, I decided to indulge myself.

Shipping was fair, 8.50 GBP for international, which from the UK took about 2.5 weeks with Royal Mail.  There is an option that if you spend over 75 GBP, you'd get free shipping, but seriously, with the exchange rate, you would just get hammered.  You're better off ordering in the US from the Sephora website and suck it up with the limited selection.  In this case, with the sale on, there was a slight savings with the sale, on the order of two or three dollars less per piece than if ordered from the Sephora website, even with the equivalent of almost 17 USD in shipping. 

Anywho, I finally purchased Bacterium Nail Varnish, Cane Medium Pencil and Provoke Lipgloss.  For the record, the lipgloss swatch on the website is misleading, I thought this was going to be a taupe-y greige-y nude, but this is a warm, orange-brown color.

Cane is a yellow toned pencil that is great for blanking out the waterline.  The Pixiwoo sister's used a similar color available from MAC Pro, and I really enjoyed the effect.  I don't find pink toned or flesh toned shades, oomph-y enough and white just looks crazy faced, so yellow is my happy medium.  The lipgloss I'm indifferent about, I wish I had picked something more extreme like Violate, which was also on sale, because it's sort of boring and generic.  Oh well, I should've known better.

Yay! I haz Bacterium!  So pretty! So not anything like what bacterial colonies look like.  But good try Illamasqua, good try!  

Periodically, Illamasqua will have a sale and discount things to 5, 7.50, 10, 15 GBP or have percentages off.  They're sales to peruse because you can find some nicely discounted things, and unique products that you won't see featured on the US Sephora website, but the exchange rate sucks.  I believe the 5 GBP sale price was 11.45 USD, double and some of the sale price.  Why is the dollar so weak against the pound sterling!?! Gah.

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