01 August 2012

Julep Maven Box - August

Julep and yours truly have something in common.  We were both born/ established/ created in the month of August!  Go us!  Anyway, this post is more of a picspam of this months box, because I covered the nitty gritty with their introductory box.

So I'm going to spam you, and then I'm going to provide some commentary at the bottom.  Sound good?  Good!  ON TO THE PICTURES!


This month's It Girl Theme
The interior - that black rectangle is actually a mini-bag made out of recycled plastic and would be good as a lunch satchel?
It Girl's August Polishes

From L to R - Sienna, Melanie, Harley
Oh look who got all fancypants and bought a nailpolish swatch wheel!?!

On the swatch wheel we have from left to right - Harley (1 coat), Sienna (2 coats), Melanie (1 coat), Sasha (from the Intro box - 1 coat), Daisy (from the Intro box - 1 coat) and Lily (from the Intro box - 1 coat).   The thing that strikes me the most about these varnishes are the inconsistencies between them.  Some are strong and opaque in one coat, some are thin and require two, the metallics are dull, the creams are all over the place in finish (Lily is matte looking while Sasha and Daisy are shiny).  I know the Julep is big 3 free, I know that it can make it harder to formulate, I know that the type of polish finish affects how it looks... its just...I'm just not sold on it.  I feel like a slightly better formulation would be great, because the polish I swatched onto my wheel is vastly different from the polishes available to test at Sephora.  The Sephora ones are thicker and easier to get an even coating, while these are way too thin.  The only reason I can come up for the discrepancy is that the testers are continuously opened and closed, and may have had the opportunity for the solvent to evaporate off which would result in the polishes becoming thicker over time. Maybe I'm being overly critical.  But I'm a scientist and also slightly obsessive about things like this.

If you've read my other posts about this, you'll know that I only have six polishes swatched when there should be seven.  That is because my Add-On, Isla, is shipped seperately and I haven't recieved it yet.  Shipping is decent with these boxes - I was billed on 27 Jul, my box was shipped 27 Jul and I received it 31 Jul.  4 days TAT for the regular box.  The Add-On is still shipping, but I received the notification on 8 Jul, so I expect it tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

I'm still on the fence about this box.  I mean, its nicely packaged, has great customer service, great incentives and is dead easy to use.  But I just don't care for the polishes as much as I thought I would - perhaps I need to play with them more.  And I still don't quite know what I'm going to do with 7 bottles of nail polishes, I can't remember finishing a bottle of nail polish EVER.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of these!  Eek!

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