06 August 2012

Glossybox - July

I'm just gonna save my breath and post pictures.  I've come to accept that Glossybox has weird billing and shipping TATs.  I've come to accept that I can be frustrated about this, or just go with the flow.  Or, I could cancel my subscription.  Which I did.  Then my July box rocked out hardcore, and now I'm on the fence. AGAIN.  Crap, Glossybox, why you gotta play me like this.

This months box contained TWO full size products, and two awesome haircare products.

If you now have Sublime stuck in your head... you're welcome.  I am here to serve.
OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil - Full sized.  I really like this pencil.  It's waxy and hard, and just a really perfect shade of brown.  Not too dark.  Not too light.  Not too warm.  Not too ashy.  Juuuussstt right.

Senna Cosmetics Lipgloss Duo - This is also full sized, and I think it's damned hilarious that Senna is selling it for $22.  The two colors are a cross between a metallic nailpolish and disco ball.  They are very sheer, and could be layered over lipstick should you want to add some '80s bling to your lips.  They don't have a lot of slip, you sort of brush them on and smoosh them into place.  I'm not really fond of this.  But the packaging is really pretty.

Caswell-Massey Almond & Aloe Hand and Body Emulsion - This is quite possibly the douchiest sounding hand cream ever.  Emulsion... really?  If you're going to call yourself an emulsion at least have the self-respect to come in a tube.

Sebastian Color Ignite Multi-Tone Shampoo - I really like Sebastian hair products, and this is no different.  A nice, milky, low-lathering cleanser that doesn't strip the hair and leaves it clean and supple.  It's also lightly and non-offensively scented.  Win!

Sebastian Color Ignite Multi-Tone Whipped Conditioner - IT'S A FOAMING CONDITIONER!  And by foaming I mean it comes out of its little spout like WHIPPED CREAM.  I totally dig it.  But then, I am also 5 on the inside.  The conditioner is a nice light conditioner that I feel really sinks into the hair, and despite its curious airiness is very moisturizing.

Alessandro Pedix Feet - This is a foot cream that has gylcolic acid in it.  It's designed to dissolve dead skin cells on the feet and reduce callouses.  What I appreciated about this product is that it came to me completely sealed.  Which is not something I would have thought to check for, but was presently surprised that it was packaged this way.

OFRA Brow Pencil on the Left, Senna Lipgloss on the Left.
I swatched the two color cosmetics.  Definite upgrade on this box.  Finally, some color products.  But it was just a little too late for Glossybox.  I think I'm going to give them a few months to work out the kinks and perhaps give them another go at the beginning of the year.  But right now, I could take it or leave.  So I'm leaving it.

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