17 August 2012

Faves & Fails Friday Edition!

Don't mind me, I'm just picking up where I left off....


- Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Espresso - I picked up this liner because I was getting bored with the same ol' same ol' black winged liner.  I felt the black, while nicely avante garde, was obscuring my eyelashes and it was time to change it up.  With this nice, long wearing, dark brown eyeliner, I can still get a strong bold wing and, as an added bonus, you can see my eyelashes.  Really, this is just and excuse for me to wear more mascara, and it works like a frickin charm.

From shopping.com
 - Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - I haven't actually bit the bullet and bought this yet, I've managed to acquire multiple samples accidentally, even though I did jump for the Optical Blurring Brush.  But I have been loving the crap out of this foundation. It's so light, with really nice sheer to medium coverage, and it does give that blurred soft focus look to the skin.  I think my favorite thing about it, is that it looks best without a setting powder, so you get a perfect my skin but better look.  

from Sephora.com
-The Body Shop Shea Body Spray - The Shea Butter fragrance is my favorite scent from the Body Shops general house repertoire, it's sort of fresh and slightly musky while still being light.  The one thing I don't get about this, is that this described as being a nutty fragrance, while also being light and fresh.  To me, these two can't exist on the same plane because shea smells light and fresh and as far from nutty as possible.  Also, I appreciate the fact that The Body Shop went with an anti-food fragrance for shea butter (finally), even thought (apparently) they still describe the scent as nutty (which it is not).  The body spray is very light so I sort of bathe myself in this haze of Shea in the morning and spend the rest of my day smelling awesome.

from thebodyshop.com


 - Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment Dark Circle Corrector - I'm not entirely sold on S&G, and to be frank, this product really didn't help their cause.  While it was nice and light and blended well, it also did not correct my under eye area, at all.  Even though that is literally the only place I would use this product.  So, it's a fail.

from asos.com

- Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation - This was a sample I received from a Sephora order, and I wasn't impressed with the two shades they sent for testing.  I had to mix them, and frankly once this was on my face it was SUCH an oily mess.  I just, meh.  This was meh.

from sephora.com

Mail Calls

1) Urban Decay Sale Order - I bought the Oil Slick Black Lipstick... on sale! Oh sweet gothic goodness you will be mine!

2) Birchbox Store - I racked up $20 to the Birchbox store, had a 20% off coupon and got free shipping.  The only way this could have been better was if Birchbox participated in Ebates. 

Stay tuned for future posts on my orders!

The Great Brow Experiment

So, Ulta offers a free brow shaping service on your Birthday.  Mine is next thursday, so I am letting my brows grow out (and have been for the entire month of August) in preparation.  Brace yourselves for the before and afters! 

New Affiliations & Blog Design Smexyness

So I became a member of iFabbo, Beauty Blogazons, applied for Beauty Blog Link Love and a few other blog/ social networking sites in addition to Bloggers.com, bloglovin' and networkedblogs.com.  Networking FTW!

Also, I am working on updating the look of my blog.  But trust me the neon tank is here to stay.

Batwing Sunglasses

These are my new obsession.  I paid for these sunnies at Urban Outfitters, but I love them so, so much.  They remind me of the sunglasses Gwen Stefani rocked at the Teen Choice awards, so naturally, I must have them.
I feel like Sharon Osbourne would approve.
That is it chicadees!  Till a future friday!



  1. Love those sunglasses on you! Looking fierce!!
    I, too, am obsessed with Naked Skin, although the shade I bought I think is too light. :( I fear that 2.0 is too light, but 3.0 will be too dark. Unfortunately, there is no 2.5 *weep* I do love the finish and texture of it though.

    1. It may no be too light, it may just be how the foundation looks. 4.0 is a dead on shade match in terms of swatch for me, but when I have a full face of it on, it tends to white me out a wee bit.

  2. The Maybelline eyeliner is super good, my favorite drugstore gel liner!...I saw the Urban Decay foundation at IMATS, I was wondering if it would work on my dry skin. I will get a sample and test it out.