27 August 2012

Eyebrows Reloaded - Benefit Eyebrow Bar @ Ulta

From Ulta.com
Little known fact - I hate eyebrows, not everyone's brows mind you.  Just mine.  I sort of wish I didn't have them.  But I do, and I had an unfortunate threading incident which I have been slowly recovering from.  Namely trying to grow back in the patchy areas in my brows and make the overall shape thicker and fuller.  So after three months, and multiple shape up waxes in between I was left with this.
BEFORE - Unsightly failbrows.
Pretty horrific and weird right?  I know.  I'm sorry.  To deal with it I had been lightly filling them in and sweeping them upward to make them look like wings.  I'm not sure everyone got the statement I was trying to make - but it made the experience slightly more bearable for me. 

Now, I showed you that weird picture to tell you this story.  On your birthday, if your Ulta has a Benefit Brow Bar, if you call and make and appointment, you get a $20 Eyebrow Shaping... for FREE.  And, I really like free things, so I leapt at the chance to have someone taming the raging, sad caterpillars on my forehead.

Basically, the brow consultant sits you down, chats you up, draws in the shape of your brows as they are supposed to be and waxes, plucks, trims and tweaks them until you have a nice structured brow.  It takes about 20 minutes, and when you're done your brows look like this.

Much Better - The sparse tail was because of overwaxing/ threading.
 I recommend this if you're looking for a free pick me up on your birthday.  Start your next year out with a great new brow look.  Check your local Ulta to see if they provide this service!

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