26 August 2012

Dr. Jart's Water Fuse BB Cream + My thoughts on BB Creams in General

I finally, finally found a proper BB Cream to try.  And by found, I mean the planets aligned and sent me a sample in my Birchbox for me to try, thereby de-mystifying the purchasing process for me.  


I like the consistency and the dry down of this product.  It's thick without being goopy, and applies very nicely using your hands or a brush. It doesn't streak or sink into pores, it sort of just melts into the face.  The Water Fuse cream does not leave a dewy finish on the skin, but instead sets semi-matte, and doesn't feel overtly like a moisturizer.  This particular cream has a greige-y tint to it, so it definitely lightens the skin, a la a traditional cream, but otherwise you'd don't notice too much in the way of color on the face.  It sort of just blurs everything over a bit. I get less about 5-6 hours of wear out of this, less if I end up sweating through it. I see myself using this for outdoor/ light makeup/ active day type scenarios as it contains SPF 30 and smells divinely of sunscreen. (Don't judge me, I love the smell of sunscreen).

Here is Dr. Jart's Water Fuse BB Cream on my face, with a ton of bronzer.


There is a big movement comparing BB Creams to glorified Tinted Moisturizers, and I can see the argument.  The main differences I've noticed between the two products is the finish and how the product wears on the face.  TM's in general come off dewier on the skin - a property that very clearly indicates the origins of the products being a moisturizer.  Dr. Jart's Water Fuse BB Cream does not have a dewy finish, nor do I feel like I'm smoothing a moisturizer onto my face.  I feel, very much, that I am smoothing a cream/ sunscreen onto my face - it's a little drier and thicker in consistency.  In terms of how the product sits, I feel more that the BB Cream is absorbed somewhat into the skin.  I don't see it being streaky or settling into my pores, the way I do with TMs.

Th greige tint is way more apparent here.


I feel that BB Creams are definitely popular with paler skinned girls.  The grey tint lends itself to lightening the skin rather than providing and overall veil of color.  It tends to be more forgiving in the sense that if your pale, this evens your skin and makes you slightly paler.  Which most pale girls think is a good thing, because these were designed to do just that.  Provide a lightness and clarity to the skin.  It's what made them popular in Asian markets.  But this greige-ness not my favorite thing ever.  I am sallow, and this grey makes my face lighter than my body.  And I am not using this product as a body cosmetic - sorry.  SO WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP LOVING THIS STUFF? I am not an uncommon skintone, I can't imagine that I am the only one noticing this.  Anyways.

This is available from Birchbox and Sephora.  Full size retails for $32.

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