08 August 2012

August CCO Finds!

If you happen to be within driving distance of the Greater Philadelphia Chelsea Outlets I recommend hitting up the Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO) for some fun and discounted MAC, Clinique and Bobbi Brown finds.  I have also seen Smashbox, Origins, Ojon, Estee Lauder and more showcased there.  I like CCO's because they are cheap and cheerful. And, if you know your MAC, you can find some awesome discontinued products from old collections.  I hauled these three products for $30 - see why I enjoy CCO's - and they all have plans for being included in my Fall 2012 staple makeup.

My finds.
I find it very easy to stick to my budget in CCO's as well, namely because when given undisclosed options, and the notion that they aren't going to be sold-out for at least a month or so, I can be very picky.  Also, it's very hit or miss.  Sometimes I leave with nothing, because the selection is so out in left field.  Sometimes, it's a hit! Like this time!

I purchased the following:

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black
MAC Modern Mocha Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker
MAC Black Line Intense Pearlglide Eye Liner

Black Line is a staple eyeliner of mine.  I use it everyday I don't wear winged liner, I like to line my eyes with it and then take a pencil brush and blend it out.  I keep layering and doing this technique until I feel that my eyes are sufficiently lined.  Then I whack on some mascara, and boom.  Easy eye makeup, a subtle way to be a glittery adult.

Modern Mocha was a purchase I made because brown lipstain markers intrigue me.  I never buy drugstore ones because I find the browns/ neutrals to be unpigmented.  Since this was discounted, I decided to jump in!  I really like it.  It's actually a really nice My Lips Butter Better lip color that goes on smoothly and evenly.  It's great for a person like me, who tends to be absent minded with lip products, but knows her face needs a little definition in the lip area.  It's not too much or too little, it's just right.

High Impact is a good foundation mascara.  I'm a compulsive layer-er, and rarely am impressed with one coat of any mascara.  I tend to use a combo of at least two to get length, volume and blackness.  I'm a fan of super dark eyelashes.  Anyways, High Impact is a decent lengthening and curling mascara.  I layer UD Big Fatty over it for the extra sooty look, and to make it smudgeproof.  I like it, it performs just as well as higher end mascaras for cheaper because I bought it at a CCO!


  1. Nice haul. :) I love that mascara. It makes my contact-wearing, allergy-ridden eyes very happy.

    I sometimes wish we had a CCO closer (closest one is 2.5 hours away), but my wallet is happy they are far away! lol

  2. Ohhh I need to go to a CCO. I'm seeing an outlet mall field trip in my future.