14 August 2012

A Peek into the Gallery: MAC Starflash Collection

Every chick who has makeup has items that she covets more than anything.  I would say being a makeup connoisseur and occasional blogger, I may have slightly more covetous items than most, acquired mainly by my zeal and compulsive makeup acquisition tendencies.  To kick off the tour of some of my more awesome pieces, I've selected something I'm fairly certain very, very few people have.

My MAC Starflash Collection
So, if you're a hardcore MAC-o-phile, you'll know that Starflash shadows were released in two collections. Once in 2008 and the second in 2009.  It's absolutely crazy that I still have these, and let me tell you, some of the shadows have lost that smooth, creamy softness Starflash shadows are known to have, but I still can't bear to let them go.  But, what a few may have lost in texture, they make up for in color payoff and soft metallic finish.  What I have is not representative of all of the shades released by MAC, nor were all of these purchased all at once.  Over half of them are CCO steals/ stalks, and one was a birthday gift.  All of them have been depot-ed by myself, some more successfully than others.  But they are all my mad loves.  In fact, I'm so weird about them, that I only use them on special occasions.

Swatches in Daylight with Filler Flash from my iPhone

1) Glamour Check
2) Grand Entrance
3) Star by Night
4) Smoke & Diamonds
5) Mink & Sable
6) Bold & Brazen 
7) Go
8) Rated R
9) Strike a Pose
10) Style Snob
11) Fashion Groupie
12) Dreammaker
13) One Off

Swatches on my arm against a white wall with flash from my iPhone
Now do you see why they're called starflash?  I love, love, love them.  I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to part with them.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not bragging.  I'm sharing my collection.  Deal with it. :)

Enjoy the pretties!


  1. I love those shadows! Such beautiful colors!

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favorite pieces of makeup that I own :)