30 July 2012

Prelude to a Haul: The Tarte F&F sale

I used to do these with MAC collection releases all the time. But ever since of hearing about the Friends and Family sale being held by Tarte, I couldn't help myself. I had to talk about what I think is the best from Tarte!  

Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20

From tartecosmetics.com
What I love about this product, is that it has a touch heavier coverage than a traditional tinted moisturizer.  It's smooth and while it isn't overly moist it does wear well over moisturizer and primer.  The finish is semi-matte, which keeps in line with its "natural finish" promise.  What I'm most impressed and enthusiastic about, is the fact that this is a GREAT winter foundation.  It's non-drying, lightweight, feels smooth on the skin and doesn't cling to dry patches.  I wore this all winter long, and really dug how it wore in the cold and in the heat.  The color match was fair - I am Agent 10 (aka conceal) which is a medium/ light-medium with yellow undertones, and this was a nice winter shade for me.  Its summer now, and Agent 10 is too light, and because of the semi-sheer coverage its a little too obvious of a difference to wear.  But, overall, great staple product!

from tartecosmetics.com
This is the, hands down, best sooty black gel liner I've ever owned. EVER.  You can use any kind of brush, and the dual ended brush you get with it is not too shabby.  I use this is two different ways.  As a nice winged liner or as a smudgy, smoky eyeliner around the whole of the eye - sort of Taylor Momsen trash panda-lite, and a little more refined and chic. The liner does set, but in between you drawing it on your eye and it setting you do get ample time to blend the liner or refine the shape of your cat eye, should you choose to do so.  It's also pretty fab as an eyeshadow base, if you work quickly with it.  But my favorite part of this whole gel liner equation is that the black is so BLACK. I just can't get over it.  It also traces a nice, smooth and importantly even line of liner.  This is love baby. (don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!)

from tartecosmetics.com

Generally, I'm not a gimmick-y person or a person who has an avid appreciation of rollerball cosmetics.  HOWEVER, on occasion, these opinions can be changed.. namely, when the product is discounted ($10 before the 30% discount), and when the product actually works.  The hero of this duo really is the roller ball primer, the shadow is a nice addition, but it's not essential to get foolproof, stay-in place makeup.  The powder over cream to set it trick isn't exactly cutting edge, but the color range and the ease of use for this product make it very nice and an easy alternative for when your old primer isn't up to taking on the day.  That's when you call in reinforcements, that's when you call in Lock n' Roll.

Other Mentionables

You can find all sorts of reviews, all over the internets for these hero products - but they are worth mentioning, because they are awesome.  So, I'm going to give credit, where credit is due....
Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush - Shades everyone has - Tipsy, Dollface and Exposed.  Shade I'm coveting - Natural Beauty, a nice sheer red.

emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener - Missed out on the MAC Chromagraphic Pencil?  Don't like Stila Kajal in Topaz (ew)? Not crazy about Illamasqua's Cane Medium Pencil or Vow Medium Pencil?  This my friends, is for you.

LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint - Smooth.  Minty.  Matte.  Pigmented.  Really all you need to know about this, if you thought they were expensive but you wanted to try them out, F&F is the time to take these puppies for a test drive.  I like Exposed and Fiery.

Stacking Up the Savings!

The F&F code for 30% off is FFAUG, with free shipping on orders over $40.  But if you log into Ebates, tartecosmetics.com is offering 4% cashback, on your purchase.  So shop away!


  1. OOH! I've been eyeing (no pun intended) that emphasEYES inner rim brightener for a while. I have had no luck with supposed eye brightening pencils.

    1. I think its pretty decent. I'm not a rabid fan of it, but I have it and use it on occasion. And when I use it, I'm generally pleased with how it works. For 30% off, I say go for it.