08 July 2012

Mascara Wars! Maybelline the Falsies vs. Rimmel Glam Eyes

2nd Mascara Wars! This time we have two Drugstore heavy weights set to duke it out for lashmaster supremacy!


Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Mascara
Rimmel Glam'EYES Mascara
 Maybe I'm biased and am letting my undying love of Black anything sway my opinion, but I think the packaging of the Rimmel GE Mascara is better.  It's smooth, understated and pretty without having to resort to a pizazz that only brighter colors possess.  The Falsies just feels like another cheap Drugstore Mascara - bright colors and very little effort went into the packaging.


Maybelline the Falsies Wand
Rimmel Glam'Eyes wand

I try not to put the cart before the horse, but if I was a betting kinda gal, I'd definitely say that the Falsies wand looks like it's more capable of packing on those volumizing and lash extending fibers than Glam'Eyes. Just sayin'.


the Falsies
 They're about the same.. but seriously.  Who wears just one coat of Mascara?  It's blasphemous.


the Falsies
At the second coat split, both mascara's lengthen about the same, but the Falsies appears thicker and darker than Glam'Eyes.


the Falsies
The Glam'Eyes is pulling ahead in the lengthening department, but it's still being out classed by the Falsies in thickness and blackness... maybe not transfer though.


the Falsies

I'm sorry for the quality of the Glam'Eyes picture, but what is shows is that after four coats things start to transfer on the lower lashline.  Both mascara's could go for more than four coats, but I wouldn't press it with the Falsies much past five otherwise you'd clump fantastically.  Glam'Eyes could go farther, because the formulation is thinner and the wand is spikier, so it glides through the lashes easily.


the Falsies
The transfer pattern clearly indicates that as the lashes are lengthened by the Falsies, you get a semi-circle of product indicative of the lashes touching the crease of the eye, and markings along the lashline from the wand touching the skin as you apply mascara to the base of the lashes.  As for Glam'Eyes, the product itself is wetter so it transfers onto the bottom of the lid as you wiggle the wand through the lashes.


I let 30 seconds elapse, squished my eyes close and let the chips fall where they may.

the Falsies

the Falsies lashes lose some of their curl from the scrunching and the lower lashline mascara has transferred to the underneath in the same way that the upper lashline transferred to the crease.  Glam'Eyes just shit the bed.  All of the volume and amplitude is gone, and it's a bit messy.  I attribute this to the failure of the mascara to dry in time i.e. it's a bit too wet to pass the squish test sucessfully.


I'm going with the Falsies, it may not lengthen, but it's still volumizing and darker than Glam'Eyes, and it passes the Squish test with far less detrimental effects than Glam'Eyes.

Have issues with my final decision?  Have suggestions for future Mascara Wars?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Wow. Great match up! I wasn't a fan of Glam Eyes when I tried it out not too long ago. The brush felt flimsy when I pulled it out of the tube. That being said, I'm currently in LOVE with Rimmel Scandal Eyes! Thanks for these posts. They're so much fun!! :) I love to see them go head-to-head. Also, I'd be interested in seeing Buxom vs Lash Injection. I keep hearing good things about both, but haven't tried either one.

    1. Thanks! Buxom v Lash Injection would be good. I think Lash Injection is tubing and Buxom is not. Buxom is more like UD Big Fatty or CG Lashblast, it has a big rubbery brush and a thinner formula.

    2. Oh that's good to know. I never knew Lash Injection was tubing! Maybe then it can go against another tubing one (I only really know blinc kiss me. lol)

    3. This is a really helpful review. I don't really like Maybelline because I find that the mascaras do clump as opposed to the Rimmel mascaras that last ages and are relatively clump free :)