11 July 2012

The Lemming List Vol. 3 - Birthday Edition

It's getting close to that hallowed (read: AWESOME) day I crash landed on this planet (read again: My birthday), and I am compiling a list of things I am lemming like a crazy fox.  It's best to be prepared when beauty product binge spending is imminent.  Right now, it's torture, but when the time for acquisition comes, this list will, hopefully, keep me from just willy nilly buying any cosmetic that blows my skirt up.  Or so I tell myself.  It just sucks that I was born during one of the annual best times to buy makeup.  Specifically, all of the upcoming Fall collections - being an August baby has it's perks.  Other than you know, being squeezed out in a military hospital in Hawaii with out A/C in the summer.  But that was really my Momma's problem, not mine.


From Nordstrom.com
I, for one, think that BB creams are too good to be true.  I've tried three and all have failed to hit the mark of all around awesome that everyone is simply raving about.  Clinique BB Cream was too pink and drying.  Garnier BB Cream was just... terrible, a giant fail all around.  Diors BB Cream took my awkwardly sallow complexion and made it even more awkward and sallow and slightly greasy.  So, I'm not impressed.  BB Creams don't impress me. I can get the same benefit from a moisturizer, sunscreen + antioxidant lotion, and a really good Tinted Moisturizer - all products which I own, and all products that I really enjoy using.  What makes me lem the Bobbi Brown version?  Well, for lack of a better descriptor, its Bobbi Brown.  If I am sure of one thing, it's that out of all brands (and right now - it's literally every brand on the face of the earth), Bobbi Brown has the greatest chance of success for working.  All of her products are classic and just well done.  She gets the building blocks right.  It's never overdone, never more than what you need, never anything than just right.  Bobbi Brown is not a brand I talk about a lot, simply because, it's just not something I'm drawn to.  However, literally every Bobbi Brown cosmetic I own I love. It's HG status.  So if I'm going to give this BB Cream fad one last chance, then I might as well bring out the big guns and buy it from a veritable juggernaut of this product can't fail because it will be well made, and because Bobbi Brown, much like Francois Nars, puts magic crack in her cosmetics.


From Nordstrom.com

I love High End Mascara.  It's seriously a ridiculous expenditure, because I have yet to find a High End mascara that can't be similarly duped by a drugstore mascara.  Even though I just freely admitted to that, I still buy high end mascara.  Maybe its that the ads are finessed with more Photoshop, maybe it's that there really is a slight difference between HE and DS mascaras that only a true connoisseur would notice, maybe it's just that I'm a sucker.  I don't really know.  I do know, however, that if you give a mascara a bad ass name like Eyes to Kill Excess and sell it from Armani, I will buy it.  It also helps to know that this mascara has a cult following, people love it for its voluminous formula and dense pigmentation.  I want to love it because I can't leave the house without a good five layers of mascara, and I need to try this.  I need to.


Honey Lip Lacquer in Cardinal (from Sephora.com)
I saw this on the Sephora website awhile ago, and it wasn't available for purchase yet.  I'm not sure what it is about this, other that it being from Bite Beauty and having a very cool, sleek packaging, that makes me want this.  It's a lip lacquer, which pretty much means glorified lipgloss with some extra pigmentation for giggles.  But I do enjoy Bite products, so if I was going to purchase a glorified lipgloss, it would be from this brand.  This is supposed to have Maruka honey and 5 mg of Resveratrol, which sounds like a lot but when you think about it, its 0.05% of a 100 mg tablet of aspirin (For the record Resveratrol is not aspirin - it's an Antioxidant) for the WHOLE 0.13 oz of product.  Just saying.  The colors I'm drawn to are Cardinal, described as a bright red pink, and Dolcetto, described as a peachy pink.  Neither of which are available for purchase... yet.  But who is to say that won't be the case by the end of August? Hm?


From Sephora.com

I've wanted this forever.  I've almost purchased it four times that I can successfully recall.  Every time, I talk myself out of it because, and I am ashamed to admit it, I don't think my brows are worth $29 dollars (that and this has an awesome dupe from WnW for 4 dollars).  At least not when I have two other eyebrow pencils and one brow gel to burn through before I'd consider the necessity of purchasing another brow trimming product.  And by trimming, I mean you know artfully decorating, not trimming them off with a pair of wee scissors.  That being said, since I have now reverted back to my natural color which is the color of burnt coffee beans, I need a really dark brow powder, which Brown Sugar does have.  As well as a lovely, dovely wax.  And while the dupe does exist, I say this is a lemming because everyone should be able to try the real thing at least once, right?  No weaksauce for the birthday girl!


  1. I am never drawn to bobbi brown either I find it really hard to find foundations anywhere that are pale enough for my skin tone but I might have to give the bb cream a go! I don't think that the urban decay brow palet is worth the money but that's because I like the brow palets to be a thick consistency not powder, then your eyebrows stay on. However, I have a lot of urban decay products and they last forever! :)

    1. I think the value is what's stopped me the four other times. I know that I can get an eyebrow palette from Wet n' Wild that is virtually the same thing, and that has a really nice wax in it. But I do love Urban Decay... so I sway frequently on it.