23 July 2012

Julep Maven Introductory Box - It Girl

Julep Maven is a Beauty Subscription service offered by Julep cosmetics, and provides three nail type products (usually varnishes) and one surprise product/ item per box per month for $19.99 with free shipping.  As a product Julep Nail Vernis's are the big 3 free, and as a brand, a portion of Julep Maven sales support their Powered by Girlfriends initiative which is a charitable organization that supports women.

HOW IT WORKS (cuz it's sorta complicated but pretty awesome)

Go to Julep.com, register an account and take the style quiz.  Your first box (which is what this review is concerned with), contains three nail varnishes based upon what category you fell into.  When I took the Style Quiz, I was typed as 'It Girl'.  I also think, had I tweaked my answers a wee bit I probably could have fell into the 'Boho Girl' theme as well.  

Your introductory box is sent out immediately, and when your regular monthly box is available, Julep emails you.  They tell you the contents you will be receiving and the theme of that months box (if any).  You can then log into Julep, and view the products available to the other style types that month.  If you like another style's offering better, you can change which box you want to receive.  Then! If you want more products, you can add on an additional three nail varnishes for that months box for an extra $4.99 a piece.


Julep Maven makes it ABUNDANTLY clear, that they will bill you on the 27th of every month, and ship your at the same time they bill. I can't confirm the TAT for the monthly subscription, but I signed up for Julep on 17 Jul, was e-mailed my shipping confirmation on 19 Jul, and received my box today, 23 Jul.  So about six days from nuts to bolts.  Which is pretty speedy.  And they get major bonus points in my book for the transparency of their billing and shipping practices.  I feel that it is very upfront and fair.


Toe seperators and a mysterious pink package.
Three Varnishes!
The name of the varnishes!
Up close of the colors.

Julep has quite a few perks.  I'm going to list them for clarity.

1) You can score your introductory box for 1 cent using the following coupon code - COLOR2012

2) You can score a free monthly box thereafter by using a referral code provided by Julep and having two people sign up for a box.

3) Once they e-mail you the contents for your monthly box (the box you will be billed full price for), you get one free Add On for being a new customer.

4) Because you are a Maven it appears that you score 20% off all products in the Julep store with free shipping.  This does not appear to be restricted to the featured monthly products or only certain products that you receive.


I feel like I've been decidedly under-opinionated thus far.  Let me rectify that!  I signed up for Julep Maven because I have cancelled my Glossybox subscription (for reasons I will reveal in my July Glossybox review) and wanted to replace that subscription, with another subscription at a similar price point.  I chose Julep because it seemed so user friendly, and when I swatched their varnishes in Sephora, I really like the color range/ polish quality.  In terms of value, Julep has already outclassed Glossybox.  All of the varnishes sent are full sized, Julep has incredible freedom of choice and great customer service as well.  So, for $20 I am basically receiving 7 nail polishes of high quality (3 from the intro box, 3 from my August subscription, plus 1 free Add-On), when individually they retail at Sephora for $14 each.  So, yeah, major bang for your buck.


I may get bored with this rather quickly.  I am not a fancy nail polish chick.  You can tell from my abysmal NOTD attempts - I am not a fancy, high falutin' nail-o-phile.  And I have no intention of becoming one, I just like having polished nails.  So I can imagine there coming a point in the very near future in which I am just going to grow tired of receiving nail polish, and question the necessity of it, because there is no way I'd use that much nailpolish, or need that much nailpolish around.  But quite a few people would like receiving the hottest nail colors at their fingertips.

Anywho, I'm posting a BOLO for my NOTD featuring Sasha sometime this week, and so far, so good for the good chicks at Julep Maven.

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