22 July 2012

Tarte Clean Slate Deluxe Primer Trio

I have a confession. The only primer I use daily is eyeshadow primer - mainly because I actually know that it works.  Foundation primers I've always been sort of iffy on.  And by iffy I mean, I think they have a time and place and a specific user.  Generally, when you need your makeup to last on a really important occasion applied by a professional.  Otherwise, I see zero benefit from it.  So, of course when I saw a primer trio on-sale at Sephora for $9, I was like... MUST BUY.  Clearly, I was taken in by a rogue lemming pony.

Packaging - This is deceptive.  These are tiny sample sizes/ aliquots.
I mean I get to try three primers for $9?  And, then I have all the primer I need if feel I need to use it?  Because I don't wear it all the time?  And there are two different kinds for my face?  And its from Tarte? And they last 12 hours?  And.. and.. and!!! You can see how it was easy for me to saddle up with that pony and chase down my lemming wholeheartedly.

Clean Slate Poreless, Clean Slate flawless, Clean Slate Creaseless - all crazy tiny.
I'm actually surprised that this was just $9.  I could see Sephora charging $15 for it easily, especially because Tarte's products are priced on the higher end of the mid-range, and get away with it.  Granted, I would have thought twice about it at $15, and may have been dissuaded from purchasing, but I think the $9 price point was to encourage impulse buying in a marketplace flush with $20 - $30 full sized products.


Clean Slate Poreless - This is a silica based gel that's clear with a smooth texture.  When applied, I stuck to the T-zone and left the edges of my face bare.  If overapplied you can feel the product sitting on the skin, but it tends to mesh well with tinted moisturizers and heavier foundations.  I used my fingers to apply this.

Clean Slate Flawless - I'm not sure if I would consider this a primer.  I would consider this a face brightener because it's very liquidy and pearlescent with even parts pink and golden shimmer.  I smoothed this over the face entirely, with extra on the tops of my cheek bones, bridge of my nose for some pre-foundation highlighting oomph.

Clean Slate Creaseless - A very thin, almost Too Faced Shadow Insurance type texture that absolutely sucked as an eyeshadow primer.  It creased and was oily, so I used it as a concealer primer.  This did not fill in my creaselines, but it did give my concealer a bit more staying power than usual.  This is the most meh of the three of them.


All of these claim to last for 12 hours, and of course I had to test it out! I mean, wheres the fun in taking things at face value! So, I took before and after pictures of each to see if I could still see makeup sticking.  I mean, after all, that's what you use a primer for... to extend the longevity of your makeup, right?  So lets test this out!

Clean Slate Poreless
Fdtn - NARS Sheer Glow, Concealer - MAC Mineralize, Face Powder - Tarte Smooth Operator.

I took pictures with flash so you can see exactly where the makeup is on my face, it does not look this way IRL.  The powder does not show as much to the naked eye, nor does my lower lashline look freakishly whited out.  But it looks nice and even right?  No huge issues or gaping problems that I can tell.

Post 12 hours.
Skin still looks nice, but as you can see the makeup has faded considerably.  The concealer is gone and the forehead is shiny, but the nose and nosewings still appear to be in good shape.  Overall, I'm not terribly disappointed as I was testing these primers on exceptionally hot days, I would expect better results on cooler days.

Clean Slate Flawless

Fdtn - NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, MAC Mineralize Concealer, Tarte Smooth Operator Powder.
I tend to change up my makeup daily, and constantly struggle with my under-eye area, I'm sorry for failing so hard. Although, I have to say, I don't see the flawlessness but I do see a lot of matte from the powder.  My chin and around my lip area is a bit shiny, but it's nothing too big.
12 hours later.
This fails.  All of the makeup is pretty much gone.  Flawless is not that great of a primer.  I'm not crazy greasy or shiny with my makeup melted off, but it's still just not on my face.  I was noticing it's disappearance throughout the day as well.


The Poreless primer is nice - it mattifies, fills in the pores and tries to hold on.  But you can buy better for cheaper from various Indie Cosmetics companies like Fyrinnae (It's there Oil Control Silica Gel Primer).  As for Flawless, I think its a bit of a misnomer to say that this is a primer.  I would venture to say it's a brightener and would be better suited as a subtle highlighter.  Creaseless was used on my under-eyes, but it just really wasn't worth it's salt.  I really didn't see any benefit to using this product. So, for me, this is a womp, womp.  I induldged in an impulsive lemming and now all I have is one tiny sample of primer that cost me $9.  Such are the ways of the lemming.

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