09 July 2012

Birchbox July 2012

Dear Birchbox,

This is my favorite box ever.  This is even better than the Organic box from April.  This is even better than the Teen Vogue Box from March.  This box makes up for the lackluster box of last month.  Thank you for putting the BEST THING EVER in this month's box.  My $10 subscription was entirely well spent.

- Lindsay

10 points if you guess the theme of this months box!
July's box is definitely something get your panties in a twist about - even if it is sponsored by the pervasive Glamour Magazine (I mean, I get assaulted with it at Ulta - isn't that enough?)  Magazine affiliations aside, the theme of this month is about the 'sensory experience of summer'.  I'm not sure the theme entirely hit the mark, but hey, if they include a product like what made me scream with excited joyspasms every month the box can be Sloths in Space themed for all I care (although, space sloths would be pretty bitchin'- just sayin'.)

To the insides!
OT: I am continually surprised with the quality I can eke out of my iPhone camera.

Sample 1 - Cuz everybody loves sunscreen and hates pre-mature aging via DNA damage from sun exposure. (Touch?)
A healthy sized sample of Henry Prince Hello Perfume - with a coupon code exclusive to the website. (Smell)
Alterna Bamboo UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide - A recycle from previous boxes, I feel like I've seen this around Birchboxes past. (Touch?)
Bonus Jonas #1 - Minteas Ginger Pear Mints - these taste like mints and not much else. (Taste)
Bonus Jonas #2 - Ear Buds with a link to a Glamour Playlist that I could care less about. (Sound)

A FULL SIZED EYEKO of LONDON SKINNY LIQUID LINER (This is clearly sight - well played, Birchbox, well played.)
Behold the felt tip nib!
Behold the felt tip nibs ability to draw the word SWATCH! on my hand!
Behold the ability of the product to displace with water after five minutes of drying and some dedicated pressure!
AHEM... EEEEEE!!!!! I was tickled with my Juliette Has a Gun sample last month, and generally I am surprised by at least one offering per box.  However, I am absolutely over the moon about this sample!  I was waiting until my Kat Von D Tattoo liner pens dried out before I ordered this beauty.  Guess what... I don't have to wait because Birchbox read my mind and sent it to me!!! I cannot wait to test it out - stay tuned for a FOTD for tomorrow featuring this liner. 

Clearly, the liner is my favorite product this month.  The Alterna follows at close second because I have been wanting to try a new hair serum and I love Alterna's stuff.  The Henry Prince perfume is neither here nor there for me, because it smells like citrus tropical flowers - I am sure at some point I will wear it, but this is something I'd never spring for a full size of ever, it's just not my fragrance type.  As for the Supergoop serum, I am always down for trying new things, I am sure I need to start investing in a separate sunscreen to protect my skin, I just haven't quite got there yet.  The mints are ok, I mean they're really expensive organic mints - but they're still mints, excessive luxury only goes so far.  The earbuds are of lower quality than the impression they give off - I wore them trail running and everything sounded a wee bit tinny and there wasn't a whole lot of amperage for bass.  But whatever, they're free and I can always use spare head phones.

Needless to say, shipping is an afterthought this month.  Even though it was leaps and bounds better.  I was billed 1 July, received my shipping notification 5 July and my box was delivered today 9 July.  One full day ahead of what the site promises for delivery and over a holiday weekend/ Sunday.

So, absolute mad love for Birchbox this month - everything was great and immaculately packaged, complete with a full size product I am absolutely dying to wear!  Rave review!
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