05 June 2012

Think Tank Style - Ecoist.com Leda Clutch

I would own a clutch that is made entirely of soda pop-tabs. I mean, I have an impractical asymmetrical haircut, I'm 25 and still rock my nose piercing I got when I was 18, and I just got a microdermal anchor under my collarbone.  I'm not one for preppyness or average.  And before you pause and go "Really..  A pop-tab purse?  Are you five? It must be hideously ugly."  No.  I'm not.  And this purse is cooler and more chic than you think.

What I'm really trying to say is check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I bought this item on a whim, with the added boon of a 20% off coupon to sweeten the deal and loosen my pursestrings.  Even so, this purse was still about $100 USD with a $10 shipping charge.  The Leda is a handmade clutch from Escama Studios, with pop-tabs macramaed together into a weird version of chainmail by shiny grey thread.  The interior of the purse is lined in silver silk with an interior zip pocket.  But be aware!  This is really a true clutch, the pictures from Ecoist.com can be misleading and make you to believe this purse is larger than it is.  It is still very cool, but I carry a smaller ID case, a powder, a lipstick, my phone, headphones, keys and maybe my sunglasses... AND THATS IT. It's filled to the brim.  Anymore makes it awkwardly bulgy.  But for the record.  When you buy a purse comprised entirely of pop-tabs you're not really in the market for practicality.

That being said, this is my favorite purse.  I enjoy not carrying my entire life around with me, I feel very streamlined and chic.  It compliments my wardrobe nicely as I wear a lot of black, white, cream, skinny jeans, blazers, leggings, wedges and sheer layers. It also gets me lots of compliments.  People really enjoy its uniqueness. I mean everyone's seen Duct Tape everything - from wallets, to prom dresses, to shoes, to condoms.  But not everyone has seen pop-tabs, so it's pretty novel.

Also, the Ecoist website specializes in recyclable purses and jewelry that supports local artists/ shops/ impoverished groups.  So buying the purse, while consumerism, is also a good deed?

Anyways, I love this purse!  If you sign up for Ecoist's mailing list, they send out coupons periodically for 20%, free shipping or $10 off of a purchase.  However, Ecoist does not participate in Ebates.  Just, you know, FYI.

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