06 June 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss

Somebodies ripping off YSL.... just sayin'.  (Actually, I don't think they are ripping them off because I think both Maybelline and YSL are actually L'Oreal brands - but don't quote me, its entirely possible I'm full of shit).  I saw this on a duster at my local Walmart, and much to my surprise, it was fully stocked and not completely destroyed.  I picked up the shade Luxurious Lilac, because I have been jonesing for YSL Glossy Stain in Violet Edition and wanted to see if this would fill the void.  Plus I was surprised to see such a strong purple shade available in stain from a drugstore, and I love me some purple lips!  So, natch I purchased it.

The packaging of Luxurious Lilac.  Pretty standard issue - the YSL is more blingy. 
Price - 7-8 USD


Standard issue drugstore, I feel.  There's nothing inventive, luxe, classic or timeless about it.  But then, you're not paying $32 for it, so really it doesn't have to do those things anyways.  It's almost asking too much of it.  The 10 and the plastic cap do change depending upon the color of the stain contained within.


This gets a special subsection because the applicator is something you're going to love or really hate.  Much like the arch-rivals doefoot and brush tipped, this is a variation on a theme of applicators that, while effective are also, slightly disturbing.  Again, comparisons to the YSL Glossy Stain can be drawn, and while the brush is not an exact duplicate, depending upon your opinion of lip product application devices, its neither better nor worse than the YSL version of the product.  If you're confused, just look at the picture and you'll get it.

Yeah it's totally a ladypart applicator.
Nitty Gritty

The formula itself is not inherently moisturizing, but then you don't want stains to be moist otherwise it won't stain.  I don't think the product saps moisture from the lips, but it doesn't add moisture either, and on me it weirdly tingles.  When the glossy aspect of this product is still in play, it has a decent slip that gets tacky as it dries and wears off.  That being said... the gloss isn't that glossy.  It's not the high shine that the YSL has, and it also has obvious shimmer to it, which I dislike, but doesn't detract too much from the product.

See not too shiny, not too matte, slightly frosty.  This is one even coat.
The product layers, but after two it's kinda pointless, I don't feel like it makes it darker or your lips more voluptuous looking.  The brush makes it a bit hard to get it precise, so I don't recommend applying your first coats on the fly, but if you apply it to the center of your lips and smoosh the product outward, it blends nicely.

Theres a bit of lead time before this sets.
I do think the shimmer in this product is necessary, as it enhances the glossy finish, without it I don't think it would be shinier than a coating of Chapstick.  It's still glossy after five minutes and with a light push I was able to displace the shimmery top coat to reveal the stain underneath.  At this point it did feel tacky on my hand, but I didn't need to press down hard, I skimmed my finger over the top and the layer slipped upward.

Then I took a tissue and scrubbed my hand, and this is what was left.  A pretty patchy and unevenly pigmented stain.  The variation on the lips may not show up as much because its your lips and they're not flat and lit by bathroom compact fluorescent lightbulbs, but it's rather obvious on my hand.

So.. is it Worth It?

I guess. I mean, if you want to try a hybrid product like this without shelling out the bucks, sure.  It's pretty novel for a drugstore product, but then innovation has been running rampant in the drugstore arena lately, so it's not surprising as it could have been.  But still, pretty impressive. I think in the winter you'll never reach for it, because this on chapped lips and in dry weather would be uncomfortable, because it's not really moisturizing.  I also think that the color range is decent, they have a purple, a hot pink, a red, a brown and a nice tangerine (shh... don't tell Sephora).

This is available at most drugstores, I would assume.  I found it at Walmart, try seeking out the other Super Stay products and you should run into this.

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