10 June 2012

MASCARA WARS! UD Big Fatty v. Diorshow Extase

I'm actually surprised nobody has thought of this idea... It's pretty genius.  I mean there's Storage Wars (my fave! Love Barry!), Baggage Wars and Parking Wars... and now from executive brain at the Beauty Think Tank, I bring you MASCARA WARS!  Two mascaras go head to head to see which has the packaging, brush, formulation and smudgeproofness (or other such measure of mascaraworthy-ness) to reign supreme and deliver lashes that would hold up to modern warfare!  It's new, exciting, and bonus! -  it shows which mascara is worth it's pricetag and which is an overhyped let down!  So let's proceed to today's contenders!


Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

Christian Dior Diorshow Extase (Deluxe Sample Size)

Hmmm... Well.  I guess it depends on how you feel about your packaging.  If you like blingy and shiny Diorshow Extase is the clear winner.  But, I've had my tube of UD Big Fatty for about a month and the tube still looks brand new. I have a feeling that after a month of constant use the Extase packaging would not fare as well and be covered in fingerprints and scratched up.  Sooo on that thought I give the packaging to UD - it's big, sleek and unobtrusive.


UD BF - Rubbery and spiky, but with lots of varying lengths and plenty of product deposited on the wand.
CD DSE - It's swirled like an icecream cone, with plenty of pockets for mascara to flow into.
 I'm going to call this a draw as, I believe it is equally as likely for each wand to give me epic lashes of epic.  And plus, I don't want to give away what I think about the products just yet....


1 Coat

UD BF - 1 coat. It's black and clearly volumizing.  And there is quite a bit of transfer.

CD DSE - Not as black as UD, and more lengthening. There is also not as much transfer.
2 Coats
Oh yeah UD! Two coats, and its becoming thick and black, without being clumpy.  A bit more transfer.

CD DSE - It's a bit longer, a tiny bit thicker, but not much blacker.  This second coat didn't add much.

3 Coats

UD BF - It's still getting thicker and blacker, but we're losing some of the length here.
CD DSE - This coats really thinly.  It's a wee bit thicker and longer, but not darker.
 4 Coats

UD BF - The fourth coat and it's still long and thick, but getting a bit clumpy.  This coat only makes it more 3D.
CD DSE - This is a bad picture, but not much has been added.
So it seems that the Extase mascara plateaued after 2 coats, while the UD BF keep on building up. I like super thick and fat lashes so I'm going to give this one to Big Fatty.


UD BF - lots of transfer in the crease and along the upper lashline.  I'll explain why I think this is in the next section.
Similar transfer on the lid, lots of smudging along the lashline as well.
Again, I'm going to call this a draw, I feel like they both transfer the same way, which may, in part have to do with my application method.  I tilt my head back and try to wiggle the wand back and forth as close to the base of the lashes as possible and then blink my ends through the wand to make the tips thicker.


The scrunch test involves letting the mascaras dry for about 30 seconds after the 4th coat and then closing my eyes super tightly, effectively scrunching them and compressing the lashes for 30 seconds and then releasing them.

UD BF - Oh fail! SUPER FAIL! 
CD DSE - Kinda looks like all of the other pictures of my right eye with this on.  Maybe the lashes are stuck together slightly more.
This is the only category in which CD DSE runs away with the win.  It dries very fast, so the scrunch test did virtually nothing to this, but it's sort of mediocre anyway, so I guess you have to excel at something.  The UD BF is a far wetter mascara, so it takes longer to dry.  In fact, my only gripe is the fact that you really need to let it properly dry before it becomes budge, smudge and transfer proof, otherwise the above will happen and you'll ruin your makeup in a grand fashion.


Drying time aside,  Urban Decay Big Fatty clearly kicks CD Diorshow Estase's ass.  I mean certain people will see the charm of Extase, and like it for its wispy-ness and fast drying time.  But seriously.  For $29.50 Extase is not worth it.  Especially when UD BF is $20 and actually volumizes, lengthens and is SUPER Black.  Some days I don't wear any other eye makeup but UD BF mascara, which is saying something, because I think I look freakish without eye liner!

Have a dispute with the way I played this out?  Leave a comment below!  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I LOVE this idea! I've never tried either mascara, but this is uber-helpful and creative. Can't wait to see more "installments" of Mascara Wars!! :D

    1. THANKS :D!!!!! I was super jazzed about it myself!