04 June 2012

Giant Hand (Arm) of Swatch Vol. 5

I have quite a few NARS duos from various collections over the years, and I thought that since I've been wearing a lot of NARS makeup daily that I'd swatch my favorites for you.  In the key I'll include what collection they debuted with, if I can remember.  Also, since there are quite a few I need more surface area, so the Giant Hand got replaced with my arm.  Please overlook this discrepancy.  On to the swotchy-swotch!

1 - NARS Exotic Dance (Summer 2011)
2 - NARS Wicked
3 - NARS Eurydice (Holiday 2010)
4 - NARS Melusine (Spring 2010)
5 - NARS Noveau Monde (Spring 2011)

Fun times, fun times.  Exotic Dance I use almost everyday, the white shade is actually a really sheer shimmer with a subtle glitter that gives a different highlight on a bare eye that's not completely gonzo/disco looking.  It comes out very refined and pretty.  Wicked I think I got for $10 in a Sephora Sale awhile ago.  Eurydice I purchased for the plum shade which is red based with a blue duochrome micro-glitter, the charcoal grey is nice on its own as the frost in it is multicolored - I duped this duo using Fyrinnae Princess of Darkness and Fyrinnae Immortality (the finishes are reversed PoD is matte and Immortality has an unreal multicolored shimmer). Melusine's lighter shade is reminiscent of MAC Vex... but on steroids the frost is higher and green-pink shift in the silver is stronger, the matte purple is sort of a bummer, but these two shades together give a really easy and pigmented smoky eye.  Noveau Monde is my favorite, the colors clash a little bit you can't use them equally on the eye - I tend to use the lilac as the predominant color and the green on the outer V keeping most of the khaki olive to the outer third of the lid and blended along the lashline over some smudged out purple or brown liner.

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